What The eBay PayPal Split-Up Means For Them And For You

What The eBay PayPal Split-Up Means For Them And For You

By Chris Crum September 30, 2014

Big news in the world of e-commerce. eBay announced that it will separate eBay and PayPal into two independent, publicly-trade companies next year. Do you expect each of these companies to thrive separately? Let us know what you think. Investor …

eBay Delivers Impressive Q4 Earnings Report

The fourth quarter of 2010 – which of course coincided with the all-important holiday shopping season – was a pretty good period for eBay.  The company reported its financial results this afternoon, and managed to come in above analysts’ forecasts.

eBay Financial Report Tops Forecasts

Believe it or not, this is a good – or even great – day to be an eBay shareholder.  Although Google and Yahoo’s stocks basically fell off cliffs following iffy earnings reports earlier this week, eBay managed to publish some positive numbers this afternoon and has seen its stock jump in after-hours trading as a result.

eBay Hits Q3 Targets, Gives Iffy Guidance

eBay continued a trend started by Google and Yahoo in the sense that it beat analysts’ expectations while announcing its third quarter earnings this afternoon.  Unfortunately for the company, it broke with their tradition by issuing some rather weak predictions about the fourth quarter.

eBay CEOs Slammed For Compensation Excess

eBay investors who are wondering where their money’s gone may be within their rights to hit up former CEO Meg Whitman and current chief exec John Donahoe for a few bucks.  This morning, Eric Jackson outlined some questionable compensation strategies that have seen both individuals take home a lot of money and also use a large amount for personal travel expenses.

eBay’s Donahoe Prepared To Spin Off PayPal

Despite being on the job for less than six months, new-ish president and CEO of eBay John Donahoe certainly isn’t afraid to make changes.  Even as obstacle after obstacle pops up to interfere with the sale of Skype, Donahoe announced that he often considers parting with PayPal.

eBay Announces Plans To Reduce Emissions

eBay has announced its first greenhouse gas emissions reduction target, saying its committed to reduce emissions 15 percent by 2012, over a 2008 baseline.

eBay said it will reach its goal through an ongoing commitment to energy efficiency and conservation along with its continuing investment in renewable energy. It will promote more sustainable behavior tied to travel and personal energy use among its 15,000 employees.

eBay Gives Investors Positive Q1 Surprise

It looks like eBay’s managing the recession and its other problems better than most people expected it to.  The auction company issued its financial report on the first quarter of 2009 this afternoon, and although the numbers aren’t good compared to last year’s set, eBay did a solid job of beating analysts’ estimates. 

eBay CEO Speaks, Says Done Apologizing for Skype
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John DonahoeeBay held its 2009 Analyst Day today with CEO John Donahoe speaking on the company’s future. As anticipated, a great deal of focus was put on PayPal.

eBay Users Give $36 Million To Nonprofits
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eBay says its sellers and buyers gave a record $36 million to U.S. nonprofit organizations in 2008 via eBay Giving Works.

eBay Users Give $36 Million To Nonprofits
John Donahoe
eBay CEO

Giving Works allows people to donate to nearly 15,000 organizations in the country while on eBay. Donations were up almost 20 percent in 2008, with nearly 1.5 million people donating to a cause.

eBay Cuts Staff, Buys Bill Me Later

eBay said today it is purchasing U.S. based online payments business Bill Me Later for approximately $820 million in cash and $125 million in outstanding options.

The company is also buying Denmark based online classified site dba.dk and vehicles site bilbasen.dk for $390 million in cash.

eBay May Sell Skype

Skype’s not doing too badly these days.  As it stands, though, Skype has little to do with eBay’s core business, and so it may get sold in the relatively near future.

eBay killing live auctions

Live Auctions have been part of eBay for 7 years, but the platform did not survive eBay’s assessment of what it needs to do to continue to build profitability.

eBay Announces Major Changes

"Significant," "sweeping," "fundamental" – these are the words eBay used to describe some coming changes.  And although we often ridicule press releases for blowing things out of proportion, eBay has been more accurate than usual.

Onlookers Wait For eBay’s Next Move

Meg Whitman has stepped down, and in our eyes, this makes it a good time for everyone else to step back.  We shouldn’t necessarily stay back; now’s just an opportune moment to consider all things eBay.

Official: eBay’s Whitman To Depart

Meg Whitman will wrap up ten years with eBay when she steps down as president and CEO on March 31st.