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What The eBay PayPal Split-Up Means For Them And For You

Big news in the world of e-commerce. eBay announced that it will separate eBay and PayPal into two independent, publicly-trade companies next year. Do you expect each of these companies to thrive separately? Let us know what you think. Investor Carl Icahn had famously called for such a spin-off, and it looks like he is now getting his wish. He’s …

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Is Amazon’s Drone Delivery a ‘Long-Term Fantasy’?

Although Amazon claims that one day unmanned delivery drones will be “as normal as mail trucks,” one high-profile CEO isn’t really buying into it yet. eBay CEO John Donahoe is skeptical, and thinks that delivery drones are a “long-term fantasy.” In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Donahoe was asked about Amazon’s recent announcement that they want to start delivering small …

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Scott Thompson Gone to Yahoo, What’s Next For PayPal?

As you may know, Yahoo announced that PayPal President Scott Thompson is its new CEO. That means he’s no longer going to be President of PayPal. This isn’t going to be a Jack Dorsey-like situation, where he has prominent roles in two companies. eBay CEO John Donahoe is taking over for Thompson at PayPal in the interim. eBay is sharing …

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