Super Bowl Ads Get Rated

Super Bowl Ads Get Rated

By Zach Walton February 5, 2012

Super Bowl ads are always a great reason to watch the game. With the large amount of leaked ads this year though, I wondered what was the point of even watching the game? It turns out that leaking ads before …

Yahoo and JetBlue’s Arrangement

The announcement that Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger are partnering with Jet Blue to offer lightweight wifi services on flights is both extremely cool, and kind of sad at the same time for me.

Being that I’m traveling a lot now for work it becomes readily apparent when I’m in the air that it’d be nice to be able to connect to the web in order to get work done and communicate with colleagues, friends, and family.

In Flight Internet Becoming More Popular

Two months ago, we reported that Alaska Air would be the first U.S. airline carrier to test satellite Internet access on their flights. Now, several other airlines have followed suit—but it looks like they might beat Alaska Airlines to the punch.

JetBlue, Yahoo Launch In-Flight Wi-Fi

JetBlue Airways is set to launch free inflight email and instant-messaging services on one of its planes equipped with a wireless network beginning Tuesday.

Up-And-Coming Airline Gets Google Maps

Virgin America is a new airline that hopes to have some planes in the sky before September.  When this occurs, the planes will be loaded with special software – each seatback will come adorned with a Google Maps display.

Google Gives JetBlue In-Flight Tracking

Google Maps this.  Google Maps that.  The service has been in the news again and again over the past few weeks, and it would be enough to make you sick – except that most of what’s happening is pretty cool.  The latest development – a partnership between Google Maps and JetBlue Airways – meets the same standard.

JetBlue Customer Bill Of Rights

If you were trying to fly in or out of the North East U.S. a few weeks ago you’ll no doubt remember the problem JetBlue was having in keeping flights in the air and on schedule.

The problems started with an ice storm that naturally led to flights being grounded, but once air travel resumed JetBlue found itself lagging in getting their operation running again. We all know things happen and in this case JetBlue dropped the ball. However their response to the situation is more telling about the company than the temporary problems they faced.

Shel Holtz on JetBlue’s PR

UPDATE:: Jenny Dervin has clarified her comments in a post to the PRWeek blog; thanks to Rob Clark for pointing out in a comment to this post.

JetBlue CEO Hits YouTube

In another display reinforcing the idea that JetBlue understands how to communicate in a crisis, CEO David Neeleman has produced a video and had it uploaded to YouTube. Neeleman doesn’t read-in fact, he comes across as very human with a lot of "umms" as he speaks off-the-cuff, probably from a simple outline of things he wanted to cover.

Podcaster Records Cockpit Talk from Distressed JetBlue Flight

The Fly With Me podcast has captured some of the pilot-tower audio from last week’s Jet Blue emergency landing at LAX.