Super Bowl Ads Get Rated

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Super Bowl ads are always a great reason to watch the game. With the large amount of leaked ads this year though, I wondered what was the point of even watching the game? It turns out that leaking ads before the game actually boost the company’s image.

Reuters is reporting on General Sentiment, a social media analytics company, that “measures consumer impact and awareness for marketers and advertisers, using a formula it calls Impact Media Value.” They took all the ads and compiled a list of the companies which saw the largest boosts in awareness, who made the most money and who has the most Twitter followers that also follow the NFL and its teams.

What may surprise people is that Dannon made the number one spot on the first list, even though this is their first time airing an ad for the Super Bowl. Their ad featuring Oikos Greek Yogurt and actor John Stamos got the company the media attention it had craved for the past three months.

The next four brands to make the largest impact, in order, are E*Trade, Doritos, H&M and Kia.

The company that made the most money back on its investment was Samsung who spent a reported $18 million dollars on their Super Bowl ad for their new Galaxy Note. Interestingly enough, Samsung and Coca-Cola are the only two non-auto manufacturers to make the list. Honda, Volkswagen and Toyota are all looking at making gobs of money through their Super Bowl ads.

Then they took a look at which companies had the largest overlap of Twitter followers between the brand and the NFL. JetBlue had the most “total shared twitter followers with NFL and NFL teams” with 330,794 followers. The company did this through their partnership with DirectTV to broadcast Sunday football games to passengers. The airline will also be broadcasting the Super Bowl to those traveling today.

The other companies that follow, in order, are with 314,932 shared followers; Starbucks with 304,778 shared followers; TV Guide with 163,924 shared followers and Nike with 93,257 shared followers.

Finally, they look at which brands have a total shared percentage of Twitter followers with NFL and NFL teams. First place is Visa with 45.73 percent because of their “Ned’s Journey to the Super Bowl” ad campaign that promised one lucky winner and 10 friends a trip to the big game.

The other companies, in order, are Under Armor with 41.05 percent; Arby’s with 27.52 percent; Papa John’s with 27.42 percent and Outback Steakhouse with 26.29 percent.

These numbers are bound to change after the game since more people are going to be able to see the ads. It will be interesting to see which ad comes out on top as the best this year.

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