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Jenga Cat: This Game Playing Kitty Has Skills [VIDEO]

If you’ve ever gotten annoyed when playing Jenga because your big, clumsy hands are constantly causing that tower to fall over, then you’re really going to be frustrated when you see that a cat can play Jenga better than you. A video of a cat named Moe, who has been dubbed “Jenga Cat,” is making rounds on the Internet, and …

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Hasbro to Make Tetris-Themed Jenga, Bop It Games

One of the most-popular video games ever created, Tetris, is about to get some real world ports based on its famous block-building structures. Hasbro and The Tetris Company have just announced a partnership that will see two physical games based on Tetris produced before the end of the year. The first is called BOP IT TETRIS, which “tests players to …

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Angry Birds Dishes Out The Summer Fun With New Lawn Game

Rovio has decided that they are going to try to put their Angry Birds brand on almost everything they can get their hands on. The newest addition to that family is the Angry Birds Action Game. This indoor/outdoor action game actually looks kind of cool. The goal of it being that you build a Jenga like tower that supports a …

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