Angry Birds Dishes Out The Summer Fun With New Lawn Game

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Rovio has decided that they are going to try to put their Angry Birds brand on almost everything they can get their hands on. The newest addition to that family is the Angry Birds Action Game. This indoor/outdoor action game actually looks kind of cool.

The goal of it being that you build a Jenga like tower that supports a pig. Then the opposing player has to try to knock the pig off of the tower with either a yellow or red bird, and try to make it land on the mat that is behind it. Whatever section of the mat the pig settles on is what your score is.

Now, I do not know what the rules of this game are, but it look pretty cut and dry. I'm sure if you added your own wooden blocks you could make elaborate set pieces to try and make your competitor fail miserably. You only start with 1 green pig, 1 red bird, and 1 yellow bird. You do have the option to buy more birds like the bomb bird and the boomerang bird and you can also buy more pigs.

The game is available to purchase at for $29.99 plush shipping. The kit includes:

-Plastic Pig
-Red Bird
-Yellow Bird
-Scoring Mat ( 1 meter across)
-3 Wooden Blocks
-Red Bird Carrying Bag
-4 Plastic Tees
-Star Score Pad
-Rule Card

Check out the video below to better explain how this game works!:

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