Jenga Cat: This Game Playing Kitty Has Skills [VIDEO]


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If you've ever gotten annoyed when playing Jenga because your big, clumsy hands are constantly causing that tower to fall over, then you're really going to be frustrated when you see that a cat can play Jenga better than you. A video of a cat named Moe, who has been dubbed "Jenga Cat," is making rounds on the Internet, and not only is the game playing cat adorable as heck, that kitty actually has fairly decent skills.

Jenga Cat owner Alan Palesko uploaded the now viral video to YouTube last year, but it just now began taking off. Palesko said one day he and his partner Amy Nicks were playing Jenga and their cat came over and joined in. In the video you can see Moe using his tongue and paw to maneuver pieces out of the tower. Moe gets a little frustrated at the end when his owner is able to keep up with him in the game and abruptly quits (which makes playing with a cat not very different from playing with a kid).

Check out the Jenga playing cat below.

Naturally, there have been a few people yelling "Fake!" over the video. Lest you think that Palesko and his partner have spent countless hours teaching Jenga Cat how to play the game, the feline's owner says that is not the case. "Despite what people are saying he was not trained," Palesko said. While there are always going to be a few naysayers, most people seem enthralled with Jenga Cat.

If you're wondering what's next for Jenga Cat, it probably isn't a guest spot on American Idol or even another game of Jenga. According to his owner, the cat hasn't touched another Jenga piece. "We've tried to get him to do it again but no luck so far," Palesko said. Oh well--at least Palesko was able to capture Moe's first and possibly last game of Jenga on video for the world to enjoy.

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Image via YouTube