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Cloud Vs. Conventional IT ROI Research Findings Cloud Vs. Conventional IT ROI Research Findings
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When utilizing clouds as an IT service there is a complex method for figuring costs and a growing fear that those costs are going to severely cut into your bottom line. Though these types of services are becoming an inevitability, …

Top 12 Cities For IT Jobs In 2012

If you’re looking for a new or better job in the IT industry here’s some great news. There is hope for those who want to work somewhere other than Silicon Valley. According to the latest research done by Modis, the …

CIOs Continue Hiring IT Professionals CIOs Continue Hiring IT Professionals
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In another sign of a rebounding economy, technology executives are expected to continue hiring IT personel in the second quarter of 2012, albeit at a slower pace than three months ago, according to the newly released Robert Half Technology IT …

Mobile Devices Keep IT Departments Racing Mobile Devices Keep IT Departments Racing

As mobile devices and applications extend the boundaries of the workplace, information technology (IT) departments must create new policies and procedures to keep the mobile enterprise accessible, available and secure, according to research released today by IT industry association CompTIA. …

Students Missing Out On Jobs Due To Poor Info Students Missing Out On Jobs Due To Poor Info

With unemployment numbers sitting where they are, you would think that schools and universities would be doing all they can to help place students into jobs upon graduation. But, despite having the skills employers want, nearly half of young people …

IT Employment Continues to Grow IT Employment Continues to Grow

In December 2011, the IT job market grew by 15,300 jobs, which is part of a general upward trend according to a report by TechServe Alliance. This figure encumpasses IT service firms, suppliers, clients, and consultants. This is almost a …

Toolbox.com Acquired By Ziff Davis Toolbox.com Acquired By Ziff Davis
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Tech media publishing company Ziff Davis announced today that it has acquired Toolbox.com, a popular IT online community network. “We’ve added a critical piece to our puzzle with the acquisition of Toolbox.com,” said Ziff Davis CEO Vivek Shah. “The IT …

Bring Your Own Device Programs Make For Happy Workers Bring Your Own Device Programs Make For Happy Workers

For the first several years of the smartphone era, companies provided their employees with devices – the Blackberry, the Palm Treo, and the like were the go-to phones of the business world. Even before that, company-issued computers were standard operating …

FailDesk: The Fun Group Therapy Site For IT Pros FailDesk: The Fun Group Therapy Site For IT Pros

The mission to make sure that every single profession and area of expertise have a customized destination to post horrible/hilarious work stories and share pictures about general office hoopla is progressing smoothly and successfully. The latest addition into this pageant …

Cost Effectiveness of Amazon RDS Pay-Per-Usage Software Pricing Cost Effectiveness of Amazon RDS Pay-Per-Usage Software Pricing

Established software vendors face a difficult balancing act between meeting customer demands for pay-per-usage cloud pricing models while guarding against revenue erosion on traditionally priced offerings. If Amazon’s price for Oracle Database on RDS becomes the norm for price discrimination …

Cisco Acquires newScale, Cloud Service Catalog Provider

Update (04/15): Cisco announced today that it has closed the acquisition. Original Article (03/29): Cisco announced its intent to acquire newScale, a “self-service, service catalog, and lifecycle management software” provider for cloud-based IT. The above video does a pretty good …

Netgear Talks Ramifications of Transition to IPv6
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It was recently revealed that the pool for IPv4 addresses had been depleted, meaning that the protocol for the Internet as we know it has been used up, and the transition to the next-generation IPv6 is beginning. 

Drew Meyer, Senior Director of Marketing for Networking product vendor Netgear shared some thoughts on the transition with WebProNews. 

Dell Buying SecureWorks For Undisclosed Sum

Dell has announced its intention to acquire IT security firm SecureWorks, which offers managed-security services, security and risk consulting services and threat intelligence solutions. Dell says the buy would expand its IT-as-a-Service offerings and information security expertise.

Rackspace Acquires Cloudkick for Cloud Server Management Apps
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Rackspace announced that it has acquired Cloudkick, which creates web apps for cloud-server management. 

Rackspace considers the move a way to better position itself in Silicon Valley, as Cloudkick was originally funded by Y Combinator, and its headquarters is in San Francisco, "making Cloudkick’s headquarters the latest outpost for delivering Fanatical Support and innovation in cloud computing," a representative for Rackspace tells WebProNews.

How Far Would You Go to Control Employee Social Media Use?
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CareerBuilder released some survey findings this week, indicating that over a third of employers in the U.S. are using social media to promote their company, but it’s employee use that still has some businesses worried.

HP Acquires Stratavia for Undisclosed Sum

HP has acquired Stratavia, a database and application automation company out of Denver.

HP says the addition of Stratavia will help strengthen its software and solutions portfolio, adding deployment, configuration, and management solutions for enterprise databases, middleware, and packaged applications.

HP’s goal is to simplify app deployment and management in hybrid IT environments.

Google Apps Gets User Policy Management Feature
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After launching multi-domain support a couple weeks ago, Google has now launched user policy management for Google Apps. These features are designed to give IT administrators greater control and flexibility within Google Apps, the company says.

Google Apps Users Get New Mobile Security Options

Google has announced some new mobile device management options for Google Apps administrators. The options will be available to all Google Apps Premier and Education customers starting this week.

New options include:

As Companies Relax on Social Media, Threats Increase
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Even as social media has grown to be a much more widely accepted form of communication among businesses over the years, there is still plenty of data out there depicting the flaws and setbacks that can occur when social networks are used in the business environment.

Oracle’s Sun Microsystems Acquisition Approved by EU
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Update: The European Commission has reportedly approved Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems. Now the deal only needs approval from Chinese and Russian regulators.

Original Article:
Oracle is acquiring Sun Microsystems for $7.4 billion in cash at a rate of $9.50 per share in cash.

Enterprises Seeing Increased Complexity at Data Centers

Symantec has put together its "State of the Data Center" report, which is the product of a survey of 573 businesses in 26 countries.