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IE Market Share Does Well With Chrome Penalized

About a month ago, we reported that Chrome’s share of the web browser market had fallen, in a rather unexpected turn of events. This was based on data from Net Applications, which attributed the loss to the penalty Google placed on it after a paid link scandal. Long story short, Google (which blamed its marketing firm) was caught with sponsored …

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Google, Microsoft, or Facebook: Who Dropped The Ball With Your Online Privacy?

Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are locked in a precarious blame game about who failed with your online privacy. First, Google gets caught bypassing a security feature in Safari that allowed the company to track users despite the no-tracking settings in Safari. Then yesterday, Microsoft charged Google for doing a similar thing with Internet Explorer users. Lots of smoke so far, …

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Microsoft: Google Bypasses Privacy Settings On Internet Explorer

Lately you have to imagine that Larry Page and the rest of the Google leadership wake up every morning and, before the grogginess of the morning has even flaked off, make a wish that there will be no more privacy controversies concerning the search engine company that day. Well, hate to break it to you Google, but today will not …

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Microsoft Says Sayonara To Internet Explorer 6

In news that is sure to excite some, possibly upset others, and leave everyone else feeling an emotion that is somewhere between nostalgia and relief, Microsoft is officially saying goodbye to Internet Explorer 6. According to data from Net Applications, IE6’s market share in the United States has just dropped under the 1% mark, a milestone that is enough reason …

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The Browser Trends Continue

Which browser is the most popular in terms of users? Well, that title remains in the Internet Explorer camp, but, continuing a trend that began when Firefox introduced tabbed browsing to the world, IE is continuing to fall, while Google Chrome continues to rise, even at the expense of Mozilla’s quite capable browser. Thanks to a NetMarketshare, we have an …

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