Intel Articles

Intel Sales Predict Strong PC Demand

Back to school computer needs have put a bit of a squeeze on the semiconductor market, and Intel expects solid sales.

Dell To Disclose Documentation About Relationship with Intel

Dell has agreed to provide access to documents involved with its relationship with Intel for the antitrust suit that AMD has brought against Intel.

Intel Buying A Chunk of Grisoft

Intel Capital, Intel’s venture capital side, announced they are sinking $16 million into Czech online security firm Grisoft. This makes Intel’s largest investment to date in Central and Eastern Europe.

Intel Says AMD Should Blame Itself

In response to an antitrust lawsuit from AMD, Intel says that AMD only has itself to blame for not having a bigger piece of the chip market.

Intel Teams With Philips for Home Entertainment

Intel is teaming up with Philips on home entertainment systems. The result will be a Philips-brand media center with an Intel processor, chipset and software.

Intel, AMD Court Battle Continues

AMD sued Intel in US District Court in Delaware, accusing it of monopolistic and anticompetitive practices.

Intel Inside Red Cross With $1 Million For Katrina Relief

Intel’s philanthropic division, the Intel Foundation, channeled a $1 million donation to the American Red Cross in support of Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts. The foundation will also match employee contributions in support of the relief effort during the month of September.

Intel and Cisco Plan To Better Wi-Fi and VoIP

At Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco last week, it was announced that Intel and Cisco have entered a new partnership dealing with the improvement of Wi-Fi security and roaming and VOIP support.

Intel Plans the Rise of the Machines

Intel has outlined a long-term research plan for smarter and safer electronic products that better adapt to the way users use them.

Intel Helps Out Australia With WiMAX

It was announced that Intel is investing $37 million Australian dollars into expanding Unwired Australia as it prepares to launch a WiMAX network.

Intel and Cisco Aim to Improve Wi-Fi and VOIP

At Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco, the company announced that it has entered a new partnership with Cisco, in which the companies will work to improve Wi-Fi security and roaming and VOIP support.

Intel Goes After Home Entertainment

Intel is planning to unleash a new technology called Viiv early next year, which is designed specifically for home digital entertainment purposes.

Intel Outside

2005, meet 1920. Via remote video from India, Intel demonstrated a new PC designed to withstand a descent to about the 5th ring of Hell. Soon, a person in the most remote village in the world will be able to IM the guy standing next him.

AMD VS. Intel: Place Your Bets

AMD has challenged Intel to a public duel between the two companies’ dual-core server processors. AMD issued the challenge in the form of an ad in several big-name newspapers.

Intels Developer Forum Kicks Off

Intel opened their developer conference and lots of news has been floating around as a result. Paul Otellini addressed the conference and talked about the Intel vision and where things will go from here.

Intel Not Up To AMD’s Challenge

Today AMD challenged Intel to a public duel between the two companies’ dual-core server processors. The challenge was issued through an advertisement in several major newspapers.

Otellini Keynotes Intel Developer Forum

Don’t think of the approach as low powered chips; think of it as more performance per watt.

AMD Ups The Mobile Gaming Experience

Two new models of processors will find their way into the hands of gamers via laptops from custom shop VoodooPC.

Intel Goes Municipal With Digital Communities

The chipmaking colossus wants to help cities from Philadelphia to Taipei develop wireless networks.

Intel Decides Its Time For XML

Intel announced that it has bought XML solutions provider Sarvega, but did not say how much they bought it for. Sarvega makes network routers based on XML.

Intel Adds Sarvega To Menu

It looks like Intel has become a big believer in XML, as it acquires XML solutions firm Sarvega for undisclosed terms.