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Intel Makes Android-Atom Pairing Possible
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Smartphones based on Intel’s Atom processor – which is the company’s smallest and least power-hungry chip – will now be able to run Android.  An Intel official announced the step forward this morning, and hinted that some new devices will be developed as a result of this move, too.

Centralize Files with HP MediaSmart Server
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At CES 2010, WebProNews met with Steve Murtha from Intel to discuss the HP MediaSmart Server.

With up to 17TBs of storage, this new server centralizes all files in one location.

As Steve Murtha tells WebProNews, the server is based on the Microsoft Home Server OS and is about value propositions.

Intel Connects Laptops to HDTVs With WiDi
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During CES 2010, WebProNews was introduced to Intel’s new Wireless Display technology, also known as the WiDi.

This new device makes connecting laptops to HDTVs much simpler and convenient. Many other laptop to TV connectors require bulky cables and cords, where as the WiDi allows for a wireless connection.

Intel and Cineform Create 3D Video
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3D video is a growing interest among many individuals today. Intel and Cineform have come together to make it possible to make your own 3D video.

WebProNews caught up with an Intel representative at CES 2010 to discover more on Intel and Cineform’s new 3D video.

Intel Shows Off Interesting Way to Access Content

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas earlier this month, Intel had a lot of things going on. For one, they introduced a whole new family of Intel Core Processors. They also had a cool proof-of-concept device on display. This was something they call the Intel Infoscape.

Intel Shows Off Whole New Family of Processors
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Intel has unveiled a whole new family of Intel Core Processors at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These include Intel Turbo Boost technology for laptops, desktops, and embedded devices.

FTC Sues Intel, Intel Says “Misguided”
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The Federal Trade Commission has sued Intel, saying it has "abused its market dominance" according to the LA Times. Richard A. Feinstein, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Competition is quoted as saying:

"Intel has engaged in a deliberate campaign to hamstring competitive threats to its monopoly. It’s been running roughshod over the principles of fair play and the laws protecting competition on the merits."

Intel Pays AMD $1.25 Billion, Following That $1.5 Billion Fine
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Update: Intel has now updated its Fourth-quarter financial expectations:

NY AG Hits Intel With Antitrust Suit
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New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed a federal antitrust lawsuit Wednesday, against Intel, the world’s largest maker of computer chips.

The suit says Intel violated state and federal anti-monopoly laws by engaging in a global campaign of illegal conduct revealed in emails, in order to maintain its monopoly power and prices in the market for chips.

Intel Launches Facebook App For Research
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Intel has launched a Facebook application that allows people to donate their PC’s unused processor power to research diseases and study climate change.

Intel Apparently A Google Chrome OS Partner, Too

Yesterday, we reported that nine companies had partnered with Google to help develop Google Chrome OS.  This article may be a little short on names by comparison, but it seems important to note that Intel, the chipmaker with a market cap of about $90 billion, is also on the team. 

Facebook Calls Out Intel, AMD
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Facebook has more than 200 million active users, and as you might imagine, keeping all of their information available (never mind the stuff pertaining to less involved people) requires some serious hardware.  Yet according to the company’s vice president of technical operations, certain manufacturers are falling short of the mark.

Intel Invests $884 Million in Mobile
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Intel has announced today that it is acquiring software-maker Wind River Systems for $884 million. Wind River makes embedded devices.

Embedded systems and mobile devices include smart phones, mobile Internet devices, other consumer electronics (CE) devices, in-car "info-tainment" systems and other automotive areas, networking equipment, aerospace and defense, energy and thousands of other devices.

Intel Says It Has Plenty Of Cash Flow

Intel said today that the record $1.45 billion fine imposed on it by the European Commission for violating antitrust rules, will not force it to reduce investment or cut its dividend.

"There’s still plenty of cash flow from operations to invest in our business, pay the fine and pay the dividend," Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith said at an analyst event in London on Wednesday.

"As we’ve said in the Q1 earnings call, we are not having any conversations about cutting the dividend."

EU Fines Intel A Record $1.45 Billion

The European Commission has imposed a record fine against Intel Corp of $1.45 billion (1.06 billion euros) for violating antitrust rules and other practices used to exclude competitor AMD from the computer chip market.

European Commission Set To Rule Against Intel
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The European Commission is set to make Wednesday a fairly important day in Intel’s corporate life, according to multiple reports.  Unfortunately for the chipmaker, Wednesday will be important in a very negative sense, as it’s liable to face a huge fine and be forced to change some business practices.

Intel Gets Behind Facebook Developer Garages

Take it from a car guy: the people who are willing to spend time with you in a garage are some of the finest individuals you’ll ever know.  And so it seems Facebook has a new BFF, as Intel will sponsor some Facebook Developer Garages this year. 

Intel Gets Educational with Classmate PCs
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Intel recently began showing off its Learning Series, PCs designed specifically for educational purposes. The series includes the Clamshell Classmate PC and the Convertible Classmate PC, both of which were created with students, parents, teachers, and schools in mind.

Mike McDonald spoke with Intel’s Holly Bourne about the machines at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas earlier this month. She was kind enough to demonstrate them:

Intel My WiFi Tech Set To Make Connectivity Effortless

Don’t be surprised if college students, business travelers, and people who simply have a lot of tech at home suddenly become a lot more fond of Intel.  The company has introduced something called My WiFi that aims make wireless communication between devices a lot simpler.

A Dark And Dismal January For The Tech Sector

I’m tracking the dismal news on all the various blogs. This is the worst month the tech industry has ever seen. The bad news from Microsoft, Intel, IBM is all over TechMeme and TechFuga.

Americans Would Give Up Sex For Internet Access
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Most Americans find Internet access essential to daily life, with some favoring it over TV and having sex, according to a survey by Harris Interactive done on behalf of Intel.

The survey found that the majority of Americans (65%) feel they cannot live without Internet access.  In addition 71 percent said it is important or very important to have Internet-enabled devices, such as laptops, netbooks and mobile Internet devices that offer them updates on important issues including the economy.