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AMD is Ultra-Thin and Ready to Compete

AMD makes processors for computers, they don’t make computers in any capacity however; many are speculating on who will engage AMD to supply processors for a leaner competitor to Intel equipped Ultrabooks‘. So I think the buzz surrounding AMD revolves around price point, especially since AMD has been “ultrathin” for a long time now, offering miniscule sized components since early …

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Intel Q4 Earnings Released

Intel, makers of fine processors and other delicious computing goods, announced a record year at their quarterly financial report. The corporation reported full-year revenue of $54 billion, operating income of $17.5 billion, net income of $12.9 billion and EPS of $2.39. The company generated approximately $21 in cash from operations, paid dividends of $4.1 billion and used $14.1 billion to …

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Windows and Intel Stay Stubborn

Apparently the soon to be arriving Windows 8 based Tablets are going to cost an arm and a leg for consumers. The steep cost is reportedly due to an inability for either Intel or Microsoft to flex on prices. A properly equipped tablet (Windows 8 & Intel Clover Trail-W) will cost between six and nine hundred dollars. This is roughly …

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AMD To Enter Ultrabook Market This Year

AMD has always been the cheaper alternative to Intel when it comes to processors and they are extending that to the Ultrabook market as well. Intel already announced their new Ivy Bridge platform Ultrabooks at CES. They’re hoping that will bring the price down to a more affordable $799 to $999. AMD, always being one to rain on Intel’s parade, …

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Homeless Teenager Becomes Semifinalist In Intel Science Competition

With the ETA of the workday’s end inching closer, here’s your feel-good story to ferry you into the weekend: Samantha Garvey, a 17-year-old high school senior in Long Island, New York, has been selected as a semifinalist in the eminent Intel Science Competition. That alone would be an accolade worth writing home about except this achievement is about to go …

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CES 2012: Razer Has Won The Tablet War

Tablets can play games, sure, but this tablet can really play games. Razer announced during CES Project Fiona, a gaming tablet that is more akin to a gaming PC. The device itself looks really weird at first. It’s a tablet with handles on the side featuring dual analog sticks, four face buttons and two shoulder buttons each. It’s designed to …

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Stephen Hawking’s PC’s Are Personally Delivered By an Intel Engineer

The photo above is of Travis Bonifield, who works directly with Hawking, Rob Weatherly, who provides IT support for Hawking, and Sam Blackburn, Hawking’s grad assistant. And of course, Hawking himself. When you’ve defied the medical odds and lived 50 years longer than what medical experts said, devised some of the most important theories in physics and cosmology, and become …

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