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Phishing Down, But Probably Only Temporarily

Spam is rising as we get closer to the Christmas holiday season according to Symantec, although they do say that phishing is down. The company has shared some findings from its September State of Phishing report.

According to the report, there was a 45% reduction in phishing attacks between July and August. Symantec says this will likely be a short-term lull, however, reflecting the end of a particular toolkit attack on social networking sites.

Google’s CADIE Takes the Company Over
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If you use Google at all, you’ve probably noticed a link on the home page introducing CADIE. CADIE is "the world’s first ‘artificial intelligence’ tasked-array system." Learn more about it here.

Microsoft Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Microsoft has been in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit this month. On the Live Search Blog, they recently reported that the number of people searching for green beer increased by 940% when March started.

Microsoft has also taken the opportunity to map out the routes for St. Patrick’s Day parades and highlight items like Irish pubs in Live Search Maps.

Googlers Around the World Helping Children
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Google employees in different cities around the world have been doing their best to prove that Google is not evil. Well, I haven’t seen this cited as an official reason, and I like to think that they’re doing it because they care, but different branches of Google are helping children in a variety of capacities this holiday season.

More Ways to Use Google Mobile for the Holidays
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Google has been counting down the days of December heading into the New Year by offering tips for Google Mobile, just as they have been doing separately with Google products in general.

YouTube Channels Charitable for the Holidays

YouTube is pointing to a number of its channels that are getting charitable this holiday season. Well, some are always charitable, but the holiday season tends to bring out the best in many organizations, and the YouTube team thought it would be nice to highlight some of them.

Google Releases My Maps Editor for Android
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Google introduced today My Maps Editor for Android. It is a tool that allows you to created, edit, share, and view personalized maps on Android phones synched with the My Maps tab on Google Maps.

So what are some practical uses for this? Google Software Engineer Brian Cornell says: There are plenty of ways to put this to good use during the holiday season:

Tracking Santa’s Web Analytics
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The North American Aerospace Defense Command, otherwise known as NORAD is tracking Santa Claus’s rounds this year, keeping up a tradition that has been going on for 53 years. Mike Sachoff explains:

Hulu Continues Holiday Usability Run

It’s new feature Tuesday for "Hulu for the Holidays", the JCPenny-sponsored event that has Hulu adding something new each day through the holiday season. On Mondays they add new TV shows. Tuesdays its new site features, and Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are for new movies.

Tons of Holiday Google Mobile Tips – Video Style

In an effort to spread some holiday cheer and perhaps some more Google Mobile use, Google is posting a number of holiday video tips for using the Google Mobile service. For instance, here are a couple of mildly amusing videos of Santa using Google Mobile to figure out how to give himself the Heimlich maneuver after he begins to choke, and finding a locksmith when he can’t gain entrance into someone’s home. For some reason, he’s delivering presents in the middle of the day.

Nielsen Looks at Online Retail Category Performance
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Nielsen is sharing some interesting data today regarding online retail web traffic during the holiday season. This data shows that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic were up by 10% each when compared to last year.

Google Docs Offers New Holiday Templates
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Google Docs has received a lot of attention lately, most of which was focused on its miniscule market share.  Google would like to address that issue, and as the holiday season approaches, it’s doing so by unveiling some new templates.

Cyber Monday Tips from the Google AdWords Crew
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And Cyber Monday edges closer still. We’re at about five days now. Of course, we’ve still got Black Friday to deal with and last year shoppers spent around $531 Million online just on that day. Follow Amazon’s example and get ready for that.

Ad Testing Tips From Yahoo
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Google’s not the only one passing out some tips to get businesses ready for the holidays. They recently offered some tips for utilizing Google Analytics, Google Checkout, and of course, the ever-popular, Google AdWords. Had their deal with Yahoo gone through, you may have been able to incorporate some of these tips with Yahoo’s advertising platform, but it seems that it was not meant to be.

7 Lessons on Holiday Social Media Marketing
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It appears that YouTube has been very busy.

The Difference in Holiday Growth: Online and Off

As the holidays approach, are people going to do their shopping online or off? Well, both of course, but Hitwise shares some data that sees online shopping growth at 4.19% over the past four weeks, and that is up from 1.94% growth from the same period last year.

Google and Others Provide Halloween Fun
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For those of you sitting around this evening either avoiding trick-or-treaters, or just simply looking for some ghostly entertainment to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve, Google has some special content set aside for you.

Not only are they featuring some Halloween Books on the front page of Google Book Search:

Google Halloween Books

Search Engines Celebrate Halloween
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In the Halloween spirit, Google has of course supplied us with a "doodle" for the day, but the interesting part of this to me as fan of horror films is that the doodle was designed by Wes Craven.
Wes Craven

Tips for Using Google to Get Holiday Clicks & Conversions
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We’re quickly approaching the end of October. For businesses, that can only mean one thing. The holiday season is nigh! For online businesses, this means that it’s time to kick-start the tactics you should have been using all year. The clock has already begun to tick for getting people to your site and for you to cash in on online shopping for the holidays.

Chase: 29% Holiday Online Retail Growth

Any interesting report is out today from Chase Paymentech, saying that the online holiday retail sales for 2007 grew by a whopping twenty nine percent.

Chase Paymentech

Google’s Holiday Decorations Gathered
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Depending on your work schedule, this could be your first day back from a holiday vacation.  Here to greet you, then, is a collection of the themed stuff Google did while you were away.