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Loopt Gets Groupon Now Alerts Loopt Gets Groupon Now Alerts
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Groupon and Loopt have partnered to to give Loopt users access to alerts from Groupon’s recently launched Groupon Now service. “The big thing Loopt brings to this is location-specific alerts,” Loopt Corporate Communications Manager Sharon Howell tells WebProNews. “Loopt’s Reward …

Groupon Now Goes Live Groupon Now Goes Live
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Groupon is looking to expand beyond their current one-deal-per-day model by offering local deals throughout the day. Groupon Now has just launched in Chicago, and will come to more cities in time. Using either the website or a mobile app, …

Daily Deals Space Gets More Crowded as AT&T Enters the Ring Daily Deals Space Gets More Crowded as AT&T Enters the Ring
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Add another provider to the growing list of daily deal options for customers and businesses. Believe it or not, this one comes from another established, well-known brand (actually two well-known brands). A representative for AT&T tells WebProNews, “AT&T plans to …

Groupon Kills Ads on Donald Trump’s Apprentice Website Groupon Kills Ads on Donald Trump’s Apprentice Website
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Online daily deals site Groupon announced today via blog post that they will be taking steps to ensure that no ads for their service appear on the website for “The Apprentice.” Apparently the rumor got around that Groupon was a …

Facebook Social Deals May Be Groupon’s “PointCast Moment” Facebook Social Deals May Be Groupon’s “PointCast Moment”
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A new offering called Facebook Social Deals was launched in five cities today. It’s a service similar to Groupon or LivingSocial, where merchants offer highly discounted, time-sensitive deals to their customers. The product is well-integrated with the overall Facebook experience, it’s …

Facebook Social Deals Uses News Feed as Advantage over Groupon, Google, LivingSocial Facebook Social Deals Uses News Feed as Advantage over Groupon, Google, LivingSocial
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Facebook finally launched its new Social Deals feature today, but only in five cities in the U.S. Facebook had previously unveiled a Deals service based on check-ins to Facebook Places, but it’s been long expected that they would go more …

Google Offers – Is Groupon in Trouble? Google Offers – Is Groupon in Trouble?
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I’m sure you recall when Groupon turned down a reported $6 billion offer from Google a few months back. Many (not all) thought Groupon was crazy to turn it down, considering how many daily deal/offers sites have been coming out …

Groupon Acquires Pelago, Makers of Whrrl Groupon Acquires Pelago, Makers of Whrrl
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Groupon has acquired Pelago, the makers of the Whrrl location-based service/check-in app. Pelago CEO and co-founder Jeff Holden took to the company blog to announce the news. He says: You might think at first that this is strange… But it …

Groupon IPO May Involve Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley Groupon IPO May Involve Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley
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Groupon’s plan to go public appears to be moving forward yet again.  Although nothing’s been confirmed through official channels, new reports indicate the company’s picked Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley to underwrite its IPO, and there are new rumors about …

Is it Daily Deals, or Local Commerce? Is it Daily Deals, or Local Commerce?
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“What’s the deal of the day?” is a question that is starting to become the norm in social circles. Although Groupon has been labeled the leader in the field, new data from Yipit shows that Groupon was down in both February and March. The data also shows that LivingSocial is up 59 percent in revenues for the top 20 markets.

Has Groupon Peaked?
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You’ve got to wonder how things would be looking if Groupon had agreed to be acquired by Google when it had the chance. Groupon has been taking the world by storm, and has been considered one of the hottest startups …

Android Payments System Could Pit Google Against Groupon Android Payments System Could Pit Google Against Groupon
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Payments looks to be one of the most important battle fields on which the big tech companies are engaging. We’ve known for some time that Google would be getting into the NFC-based payment realm – in other words, you will …

Can Groupon Remain the Daily Deals Leader?
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Not too long ago, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare each had their turns as the new hot startup. While all these platforms are very popular and are continuing to grow, the social spotlight has expanded to a new area called “daily deals.” These deals have absolutely taken the world by storm over the past several months.

Groupon Hiring 100 New Employees In Palo Alto

It must be an exciting – and confusing – time at Groupon.  Even as the company’s launching sites in foreign countries, preparing for an IPO, and watching its president and COO step down, a fresh report’s indicated it’s also looking …

Groupon President And COO Leaving Company

Almost exactly one year ago, Groupon announced that former Yahoo exec Rob Solomon had joined the organization and assumed the dual positions of president and chief operating officer.  Now, as Groupon appears to be ramping up for an IPO, word’s …

Groupon May Conduct $25 Billion IPO
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The company that supposedly turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google may now plan to one-up it in another way. A new report indicates Groupon is discussing an initial public offering that could value the organization at $25 …

Groupon-Enabled Cash Registers In Development

At retail stores, unusual payments often bring things to a halt.  Food stamps, tax exemptions, and even things like two-dollar bills can baffle cashiers (and computers) who aren’t used to dealing with them.  So to ease the burden Groupon puts …

Skype Introduces Advertising In Windows

Skype said today that for the first time advertising will appear in the “Home” tab of Skype for Windows starting this week. The first advertisers on Skype include Groupon, Nokia, Universal Pictures and Visa. Skype said ads would initially appear …

Groupon Like Daily Deal spending Could Top $6 Billion
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U.S. consumer spending  on daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial is on track to grow from $873 million in 2010 to $3.9 billion in 2015, representing a 35 percent growth rate, according to a new report from BIA/Kelsey.

What Groupon Won’t Talk About
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Groupon Founder and CEO Andrew Mason wrote a post on the company’s official blog about the things Groupon will not be transparent about. 

"As press interest in Groupon has grown, I’ve found myself increasingly uttering two words that have always annoyed me: ‘no comment,’" says Mason. "We like to be as transparent with our customers as possible, but, just as people don’t walk around naked, there are some things that we as a company don’t talk about (for obvious reasons)."

Groupon Launches In The United Arab Emirates
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When it comes to handling money, citizens of the United Arab Emirates know what they’re doing.  This small federation (115th in terms of total area) actually counts as the world’s 35th-largest economy, according to the International Monetary Fund.  So UAE residents should appreciate the fact that a local version of Groupon has launched.