Google Makes Deal In “Jewish” Autocomplete Case

Google Makes Deal In “Jewish” Autocomplete Case

By Josh Wolford June 27, 2012 | 5 Comments

Back in April, Google was sued (again) over something that’s really not their fault. Or is it? Several French anti-discrimination groups, including SOS Racisme, accused Google of “creating probably the greatest Jewish history file ever,” and said that French Google …

Google Now Showing Suggestions for “Islam Is”

Update: Google is now showing suggestions for "Islam is". They can be seen in the screenshot below.

Google Offers Some Disturbing Suggestions

Update: Google appears to have removed the "little kids" suggestions.

Original Article: Google’s "suggest" feature can be quite useful. It can save you time when typing your query if you happen to be searching for something that a lot of others have searched for before you. The feature is even useful for Google itself, because a while back, they began incorporating ads into it.

Google Puts Universal Search in Suggestions, Launches Quick Scroll

In case you were thinking that Google hadn’t made enough announcements this week, they have made a couple more. First, they are adding universal search results to Google Suggest, and second, they have released a new Chrome extension called Google Quick Scroll.

Google Adds “Real-Time” Suggestions to Google News

Google has added its Google Suggest feature to Google News in its English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish versions. Now when you go to search for something on Google News, Google will attempt to guess what you may be searching for.

Google Puts Ads in the Search Box

Google has introduced new features to Google Suggest in order to make searching faster (and place some ads). Google Suggest is (of course) the list of suggestions Google gives you when you begin typing a query into the search box.

Google Suggest Goes Worldwide

Google Suggest was released in the U.S. about seven months ago, and when it came to search terms like "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," the tool could be a helpful, allowing you to type just seven letters instead of thirty-four.  And now, people outside the U.S. will also be able to benefit, with some neat region-specific twists tossed in.

Google Suggest Testing Links, Ads

When Google Suggest was first released, Google freely admitted that its development had begun about four years earlier.  Since the feature did little more than save keystrokes, this seemed kind of sad.  Only now Google’s testing some upgrades that might make Google Suggest both sophisticated and profitable.

Google Enacts New Privacy Precautions

You’ve probably seen more gracious behavior from 6-year-olds who have lost a game of Monopoly.  Still, even if the company’s not thrilled about it, Google’s agreed to take new steps to protect users’ privacy.

The main development relates to anonymizing IP addresses on corporate server logs after nine months instead of eighteen.  It’s no secret that the EU regulators and other watchdogs pushed Google on this point for a long time.

Google Suggest Changing Up Keyword Referrers

Last night Google announced that they will be going live with Google Suggest across all their datacenters: At a loss for words?

We find that by providing suggestions upfront, we can help people search more efficiently and conveniently. Below are some great ways Google Suggest can help simplify your searching.

Google Suggest Becoming Available By Default

When a kid says "look what I can do" and then hops up and down, his parents (and parents’ friends) are obligated to smile and applaud.  With a similar mindset, we bring you word that Google Suggest is going mainstream.

Software Co. Suggests A Lawsuit To Google

Belgian software company ServersCheck is suing Google in a Belgian court claiming that Google’s Suggest feature as utilized on the Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer and Firefox leads searchers to illegal or cracked versions of the company’s software.

Google Suggest Has News For You

In the spirit of the one-touch automatic car window, Google software engineer Jon McAlister has brought the Google Suggest function to Google News so news seekers can save the carpel tunnel and put their impatience to better practice.