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Make Your Kids (And Potential Employers) Think You’re Smarter Than You Are With The Google Search App

Google has put out a couple new ads for its Search App. The last time they did that (in November), we saw a little girl and her mother figure out how to come up with a Martin Van buren costume and an umpire use Voice Search to look up the strike zone in a baseball game. In the new ones, …

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Google Adds Search To The Android Camera With Goggles Update

Google has released a new update for Google Goggles on Android. The features primarily deal with making it a better shopping tool. New features include improved recognition of products, the ability to browse similar products, and easier search from the camera. “We’ve increased our coverage of products and barcodes that Goggles recognizes, with a focus on international products and barcodes,” …

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Google Goggles Gets Currency Recognition

When Google launched Google Goggles in 2009 the service was cool, but still pretty limited. While there were lots of things you could search for just by taking a picture, there were lots more that the Google Goggles wouldn’t recognize. Since the launch, however, Google has been steadily increasing the number of things Google Goggles would recognize. They’ve added product …

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