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Aircell Raises $35 Million For Inflight Wi-Fi

Aircell, the company that provides Gogo inflight Internet service, said today it has raised $35 million in financing with its existing investors.

Michael-Small Aircell offers Gogo on nine of the 11 major U.S. airlines and on nearly 6,000 business aircraft. The financing will be used to fund growth in both commercial and business aviation markets.

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Gogo Offering Free Inflight Facebook Access

Gogo Inflight Internet said today it would offer free access to Facebook for the month of February for passengers on seven major airlines.

In partnership with Ford, Gogo is offering free Facebook access on American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, AirTran Airways, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin America.




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Google Offers Free Inflight Wi-Fi For The Holidays

The Google Chrome browser team said today it has partnered with AirTran, Delta and Virgin America, to provide free Gogo Inflight Internet to travelers during the holiday season.

People flying on AirTran, Delta or Virgin America between November 20, 2010 and January 2, 2011 will have free Wi-Fi on any of their domestic flights.

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Aircell Offers Monthly Inflight Internet Subscription

Aircell, a company that provides wireless inflight Internet access to a number of major airlines in the U.S., has introduced a new monthly subscription plan for its Gogo service.

The Gogo Monthly Subscription is aimed at frequent fliers and is available for $34.95 each month. Aircell says the service automatically renews each month.

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Google And Virgin America To Offer Free WiFi During The Holidays

Virgin America has partnered with Google to offer free in-flight WiFi to all of its passengers during the holidays.

From November 10 to January 15, 2010, passengers on all Virgin America flights will be able to access email, shop online and visit social networks free of charge. In May Virgin became the first airline to offer Gogo Inflight Internet service on every flight.

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AirTran To Offer Internet Service On All Flights

AirTran Airways announced Tuesday that it will offer passengers wireless broadband Internet access on every flight.

The discount carrier is partnering with Aircell to offer passengers inflight Internet service on its entire fleet of Boeing 737 and 717 aircraft. AirTran says all 136 of its jets will be equipped with Gogo Inflight Internet service by mid-summer.

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American Expands In-Flight Internet Service

American Airlines announced today that it is expanding its Gogo in-flight Internet service to more than 300 domestic aircraft over the next two years.

American first launched the in-flight Internet service last August on 15 Boeing 767-200 aircraft on nonstop flights between New York JFK and San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami.

American says it will install the Aircell system on its MD-80 and Boeing 737-800 aircraft fleets, beginning with 150 MD-80 aircraft this year.

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United Adding Inflight Internet

United Airlines announced it will being offering inflight Internet service to passengers on board its p.s. transcontinental route between New York and California starting in the second half of 2009.

United will be using Aircell’s Gogo Inflight Internet service which will allow customers to surf the Web, check email, and send instant messages. The service will be available to customers traveling in all classes for a flat fee of $12.95.

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The American In-Flight Internet Revolution?

In-flight broadband Internet access in reaching full swing for American Airlines.

The airline has announced that it is "marking the beginning of the next wireless revolution."  A bit overstated perhaps. They’re offering in-flight Internet access at $12.95 a flight.

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Google, Yahoo Sued By Tanzanian Tribesman

It’s pretty well known in these parts (these United – well, sort of – States) where Google and Yahoo got their names. Google derives from a butchering of googol, a number, an apt moniker for the mathematical types that conceived it; Yahoo, well, everybody between these two shores knows what a yahoo is or has shouted one.

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