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Bing Ads Report Suite Gets New Geo Location Report

The Bing Ads Report suite and API now features a new geographical location report. This had apparently been an highly requested feature. “In response to your feedback, we’ve redesigned how location information is displayed in the report to show you exactly which targeting method was used to serve your ad,” says Microsoft’s Fady Khoury in a blog post. “We’ve also …

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Wikipedia Gets More Location-Friendly

The Wikimedia Foundation has announced the launch of a new GeoData extension to usher in “a new age of geotagging on Wikipedia”. Roughly translated, Wikipedia will be getting a lot more useful at the location level. The extension for MediaWiki adds coordinates to articles to be stored separately in the database, as opposed to in wiki markup, which the foundation …

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Google Launches New Google Maps APIs For Location-Enabled Apps

Google announced the launch of two new APIs for organizations who want to build their own location-enabled apps: the Google Maps Tracks API and the Google Maps Geolocation API. The Google Maps Tracks API lets organizations build apps that can store, display and analyze GPS data on a map. It’s built on top of Google’s cloud infrastructure, and includes geo-fencing, …

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Foursquare Partners with OpenTable

The foursquare Blog just announced that its geolocation service has forged a partnership with OpenTable, the online real-time restaurant reservation platform. Essentially, foursquare users can access its Explore recommendation engine to research the restaurants of a specific locality, and then go on to book reservations with the new OpenTable integration. Below is a screen of the new interface: Foursquare users …

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