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New Far Cry 3 Trailer Shows Off Gambling, Hunting, and Crafting New Far Cry 3 Trailer Shows Off Gambling, Hunting, and Crafting

Though pre-orderers may still be despairing that Far Cry 3′s release date was pushed back to the far edge of the holiday season, it is still one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year. The open-world first person …

Online Gambling Legalization Getting Closer To Reality Online Gambling Legalization Getting Closer To Reality
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It looks as though the proverbial floodgates are about to be opened in the online gambling debate. Nevada has already passed a law and New Jersey is likely to follow soon, according to Pillsbury lawyer Jim Gatto. He adds that …

Internet Gambling and Substance Use Linked Internet Gambling and Substance Use Linked

With the click of a mouse or touch of a mobile phone screen gambling is now at our fingertips 24/7 with Internet play. With this increased access to gambling, are online gamblers more prone to risky behaviors than offline gamblers? …

Real Online Gambling for Zynga Games? Real Online Gambling for Zynga Games?

According to Business Insider, Mark Pincus, CEO of social gaming company Zynga, said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom conference, that online gambling and Zynga’s games are a “natural fit.” “I think it’s a good natural fit. I …

Full Tilt Poker Gets License Revoked, Players Still Left Without Refunds Full Tilt Poker Gets License Revoked, Players Still Left Without Refunds
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Unfortunately, if you still have money tied up in Full Tilt Poker, the chances of you seeing it any time soon are worse than pulling that case Ace on the river. Three months after their gambling license was suspended, Full …

Analyst Weighs in on New Online Poker Bill, Expresses Optimism Analyst Weighs in on New Online Poker Bill, Expresses Optimism
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A new Internet gaming bill was recently introduced to the U.S. House that focuses specifically on poker. The Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection, and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2011, or H.R.2366, would regulate online poker and would create an interstate licensing program for Internet poker websites.

Online Poker Site DoylesRoom, Others Seized Online Poker Site DoylesRoom, Others Seized
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If you visit popular online poker site DoylesRoom.com, you will see a graphic not unlike the ones we saw on Black Friday, when PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker were taken down by the federal government. The site has been …

Betting Site Weighs Facebook’s Future

An online gaming brand that measures its popularity in terms of Google Alerts has begun to lay odds related to another dominant online force.  Bodog is taking bets on whether Facebook will first attract 1 billion users or make an initial public offering.

Controversial Gambling Domain Seizure Ruling Expected This Month

Back in 2008, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear announced that he wanted to shut down 141 Internet gambling sites in the state in an effort to stop unregulated online gaming. He filed a civil suit against the domain names and asked the court to force the sites to block access to Kentucky users or give up control of their domain names.

Economy Won’t Dampen NCAA Office Pools

You might think a rough economy would put a damper on March Madness office pools this year. Not so, says Microsoft. In fact, according to their survey, Americans are betting their brackets will outperform their 401(k) this year.
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Casinos Warned About Card-Counting iPhone App
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The Nevada Gaming Control Board is warning casinos about a Blackjack card counting application that can be used on the iPhone or iPod touch.

The Board received the information from the California Bureau of Gambling Control, which learned, of the application from a Northern California Tribal Casino.

Card Counting Program

Domain Names Equivalent To Billboards?
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Seizing a domain is like seizing a billboard, argue the attorneys appealing Kentucky governor Steve Beshear’s attempt to take possession of 141 gambling domains. Even if domains were forfeited, users could still access gambling sites via IP addresses, which become destinations without signs over them.

Online Poker Players Expose Cheaters
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An investigation by Washington Post reporter Gilbert M.Gaul and 60 Minutes looked at two of the largest cases of online gambling fraud in the history of Internet poker.

The investigation found that Internet gambling sites operate in a gray area with little regulation and even less enforcement.

Kentucky Judge Rules: Forfeit Gambling Domains
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 WebProNews has just received the 44-page order and opinion from Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate regarding the seizure of 141 online gambling domain names.

Like China, Kentucky is now trampling on the freedoms of the citizens of the Commonwealth by blocking domains that are legal in most parts of the world.

Franklin County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate

Google Lifting Ban On Gambling Ads
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Great Britain is not, according to most accounts, the gambling capital of the world.  Nonetheless, the area has received a special nod of sorts as Google is preparing to end a ban on gambling ads.

EU Says U.S. Needs To Change Net Gambling Law

The European Union Trade Commissioner, Peter Mandelson said the Untied States should change the Internet gambling law that discriminates against European companies by not allowing them to offer their services in the U.S.

Betcha.com Makes Bet, Loses

The latest in victimless-crime-nanny-state-neo-prohibition news comes out of Washington after state authorities seized computers from Betcha.com, a gambling site trying to float just under the letter of the law.

Google UK Turns Back On Gaming

As Google UK moves to extend a preexisting ban, it would seem that the company’s not much for middle ground these days.  The ban will now involve advertising for all gambling-related sites, including those that don’t involve any real money.

Virtual Gambling Could Bring Down Second Life
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In the virtual world of Second Life, one can engage in just about every imaginable sort of commerce. Industries spanning from standard retail to prostitution offer the average Second Lifer a veritable cornucopia of possibilities, but it’s the virtual casinos that exist in the online world that are drawing the attention and ire of government agencies in the United States.

Online Gambling to Get a Second Life?

Second Life presents its residents with many unique opportunities for social interaction, commerce, and entertainment. Could virtual gambling be the next “feature” to be offered in Linden’s online world? If so, what would the offline legal ramifications look like?

Gambling Sites Crap Out After Bill Signing
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It’s snake-eyes for the top ten gambling sites as visits plummet in the wake of US legislation passed and signed into law banning online gambling.