Georgia Lottery Winner Claims Prize


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One of two winners of the second largest Mega Millions jackpot in history, has come forward to claim her prize. The winning tickets were sold in Atlanta, Georgia and San Jose, California, and the Georgia winner, now identified as Ira Curry, 56, wasted no time in claiming her half of the jackpot.

“It’s unreal,” said Curry. “It’s like I’m still dreaming.” Curry purchased her winning ticket at the Gateway Newstand, 3500 Lenox Road, Atlanta, and has chosen to receive the one-time cash payout, that amounts to $123 million after taxes. "She has not decided how she'll spend those winnings," Georgia Lottery chief executive Debbie Alford said at a news conference on Wednesday.

It wasn't until Wednesday morning, as Cury and her daughter were driving down the road, that she realized she was in possession of a multi-million dollar lottery ticket. When the radio host read off the numbers from Tuesday night's drawing, Curry asked her daughter to check her ticket. "Between joyful tears and laughter on the daughter's part, she relayed to her mother that her mother had won the lottery," Alford said.

The winning numbers were 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and Mega Ball 7. Curry said that she chose her numbers using a combination of family birthdays, and her lucky number 7.

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