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Sim City Social Aiming Directly For Zynga In New Video

The social gaming world is getting more and more cut throat as the days go by. There is no better example of this than this new video from EA titled “More City Less ‘Ville.” This is an obvious shot at Zynga and their seemingly hundreds of ‘ville games like Farmville and Cityville. This video has a catchy tune and even …

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Facebook Post With One Million Comments Set To Break Guinness World Record

There is a photo on Facebook that a few of my closest friends and I hold very dear. It’s from our high school days, so the picture brings up a certain feeling of nostalgia – so much so that we use the comment thread on it to keep in touch. We’ve generated about 500 comments on the post, a number …

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Zynga Set To Release English Countryside Expansion Pack for FarmVille

Zynga has announced an expansion pack to it’s wildly successful FarmVille game, in hopes to lure back some users. The social gaming company is set to unleash FarmVille English Countryside sometime over the next few weeks. If all goes as planned, this expansion pack could return the game to its past glory as the game with the largest and most …

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Zynga Launches Western-Themed Game On Facebook

Zynga, the company behind the popular "Farmville" game has launched a new title on Facebook called "FrontierVille."

Zynga describes "FrontierVille" as a Wild West-themed social game that allows users to tame the wilderness, grow a family, and build a frontier town.

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