Zynga Launches Western-Themed Game On Facebook

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Zynga, the company behind the popular "Farmville" game has launched a new title on Facebook called "FrontierVille."

Zynga describes "FrontierVille" as a Wild West-themed social game that allows users to tame the wilderness, grow a family, and build a frontier town.

Features of "FrontierVille" include multiple avatars on one screen, virtual families allowing users to customize a spouse and raise a virtual family, along with wildlife encounters, varying weather and vegetation growth.


"FrontierVille gives users creative new ways to connect with people around the world while bringing out the pioneering spirit in all of us," said Brian Reynolds, Zynga's chief game designer who led the development of FrontierVille.

"FrontierVille is Oregon Trail meets Little House on the Prairie meets FarmVille."

Zynga has over 230 million monthly users playing its online social games. The games include "Treasure Isle," "Zynga Poker," "Mafia Wars," "YoVille," "Caf World," "FishVille," and "PetVille." Zynga games are available on Facebook, MySpace and the iPhone.


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