Washington Mudslide Kills Three, Fears Of Flood

Washington Mudslide Kills Three, Fears Of Flood

By Toni Matthews-El March 23, 2014

At about 10:50 am on Saturday, residents near the Stillaguamish River in Arlington, Wash. were caught in a vicious mudslide. Local authorities claim that it was likely brought on by heavy rains from last month. The terrifying incident took place …

Colorado Road Closures Present Dangers Colorado Road Closures Present Dangers

The devastating floods have led to multiple power failures, cancellations of recreational sporting events, and even, in many cases, there have been counties experiencing periodic flash-flood watches. These difficulties are not the only concerns residents have confronted as a result …

Hikers Stranded in Colorado Rescue Themselves Hikers Stranded in Colorado Rescue Themselves

Two women who had been stranded in the Colorado Rockies during an ice storm walked out to safety on their own Friday after rescuers were unable to reach them. Suzanne Turell, 33, and Connie Yang, 32, are experienced mountaineers but …

Boulder Floodwaters Overtop 12 Dams Boulder Floodwaters Overtop 12 Dams

Torrential rainfall around Boulder County, Colorado has caused severe, 100-year flooding, with waters overtaking 12 damns. So far, there have been two confirmed deaths, and one confirmed missing person. The National Guard and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.have been called …

Lourdes Flooding Kills 1, Closes Pilgrimage Sites Lourdes Flooding Kills 1, Closes Pilgrimage Sites


Heavy rains in the southwestern French town of Lourdes have caused massive flooding, closing down a Catholic holy site and killing at least one person. According to France 24, the flooding has closed down the Sanctuary of Our Lady of …

Spiders Invade Australian Countryside Spiders Invade Australian Countryside


Thousands of spiders have descended upon Wagga Wagga, Australia, seeking refuge from floodwaters. Eerie spider webs resembling snow drifts were reported around the inland city in New South Wales, where 8,000 residents were recently forced from their homes due to …

Google Used To Track California Fires

Google’s products and services can’t don fire gear or grab a water hose.  But people are still using them in ways that will hopefully reduce the impact of the California fires.

Britain’s Floods Get Mapped By Google

Over the past week or so, Britain has been hit by some really nasty flooding – the worst in 60 years.  Fortunately, no deaths or serious injuries have been reported, and it’s possible that Google helped bring about this positive outcome.

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