'No Man's Sky' Creators' Offices Flooded


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This year's Spike video game awards show was a bit of a bust when it came to game announcements (actually, it was an all-around bust). Buried amongst the Telltale games and the Cranky Kong gameplay at the rebranded VGX, however, was No Man's Sky.

No Man's Sky will be an exploration-based game where players can explore entire procedurally-generated worlds, then blast off into space to explore other planets and systems. The game's incredible ambition and slick art was emphasized by the sincere excitement of the developer announcing the game for Hello Games.

With that hype coming out of the VGX, Hello Games set about the task of actually finishing No Man's Sky, only to hit a major roadblock this week.

According to a tweet from the No Man's Sky Twitter account, the company's studio was met with a Christmas Eve surprise - and not a good one:

The entire Hello Games office in Guildford, UK has apparently been destroyed in a flash flood. Subsequent posts on both the Hello Games and No Man's Sky Twitter accounts have revealed that nearly everything in the offices has been lost.

Though the situation is obviously a disaster, Hello Games demonstrated its good sense of humor, joking about floating laptops and Joe Danger cardboard cutouts:

Luckily for No Man's Sky fans it doesn't appear that the flood has ended the project or the studio. Hello Games is keeping its chin up and promising to carry on: