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The iPhone 4S Camera Is Beginning To Take Over Flickr The iPhone 4S Camera Is Beginning To Take Over Flickr
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Popular photo sharing site Flickr is a community of all kinds of photogs. Browsing the site, you’re likely to see photographs taken will all kinds of devices – smartphones, point-and-shoot, and DSLR. The most popular camera on the site is …

Nightmares Fear Factory Has The Best Flickr Photostream Ever Nightmares Fear Factory Has The Best Flickr Photostream Ever
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There’s no denying the awesomeness of Flickr in relation to the cornucopia of images Flickr visitors are privy to, images of all kinds of variety. In fact, considering the never-ending growth of its index — earlier this year, Flickr reported …

Flickr Android App Channeling Instagram? Flickr Android App Channeling Instagram?
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Did Flickr essentially release an Instagram clone? And if so, is there something wrong with that? Considering imitation is the highest from of flattery, and Flickr’s undeniable popularity, copying such a popular app, especially one that focuses on images — …

Reddit Helped Make Imgur Into a Big Deal Reddit Helped Make Imgur Into a Big Deal

By now, you’ve heard about Facebook having the largest photo library on the web, or at least, you’ve seen the graphic, but have you heard how powerful and viable Reddit has made the Imgur.com image hosting site? If not, you …

Hurricane Irene: An Internet Wrap-up Hurricane Irene: An Internet Wrap-up
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Hurricane (and later Tropical Storm) Irene has come and gone, leaving at least a few dozen people dead and causing major flooding and power outages for much of the east coast. The storm hit over the weekend, attacking the coast …

Manchester Police Use Social Media To Track Down Rioters Manchester Police Use Social Media To Track Down Rioters

While social media, especially Blackberry Messenger, was a communication tool of choice for rioters, the police department in Manchester, England has begun using a broad array of social media networks to track down rioters who were trying to copy their …

Flickr Hits 6 Billion Photos Flickr Hits 6 Billion Photos
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Flickr, the photo sharing site owned by Yahoo, announced today that it has uploaded its 6 billionth photo. “Over the last 5 years uploads have been increasing 20% year-over-year and we love hitting a milestone like this,” says Flickr’s Kay …

Most Popular Flickr Camera Is The iPhone 4 Most Popular Flickr Camera Is The iPhone 4

Flickr, like any good site that relies on user uploads to exist, keeps track of what technology is being used by its members, especially cameras. When you consider the amount of usage the service gets — Flickr received its 5 …

Situation Room Bin Laden Raid Photo Will Be Most Viewed Image on Flickr Situation Room Bin Laden Raid Photo Will Be Most Viewed Image on Flickr
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Of the iconic photos that have emerged (few) and will emerge (many) surrounding the death of Osama Bin Laden, one is the clear leader. The “situation room” photo has become the one image that we all associate with that day. …

Flickr’s Head Of Product Set To Leave
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One of Yahoo’s strongest properties will soon lose its head of product. Late yesterday, Matthew Rothenberg announced that he’s leaving Flickr after working at the organization for about five years. To head off speculation, this move doesn’t necessarily relate to …

Flickr Releases Apps For Windows 7

Yahoo has introduced its Flickr app for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 devices.

The Flickr Windows Phone 7 app is available in the Zune Marketplace and the Windows 7 tablet app can be downloaded from the Flickr website.




Bahrain Protest Photos Flood Flickr

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube often get a lot of the attention when it comes to social media spreading news of revolutions and uprisings in foreign nations, but Yahoo-owned Flickr is reminding everyone that it plays a significant role as well. 

Photos can say a lot, and Flickr has plenty of those. The company is highlighting user-submitted photos from the protests in Bahrain. 

Flickr Moves To Accommodate Google IDs
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Yahoo-owned photo-sharing service Flickr is getting more flexible with regards to how users can sign in.  The site has started to support OpenID, and Google is its first partner in this endeavor.

Yahoo Mail Goes Social With Facebook and Twitter

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Mail Beta, which the company boasts is twice as fast and offers more social networking connectivity from directly within the inbox.

 Users can opt-in to try Yahoo Mail Beta.  The new mail service allows users to view and share updates from Twitter and Facebook without having to leave the inbox. An automatic slideshow feature allows people to see photos and videos from sites like Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube from within their email messages.

Yahoo Rolls Out New Search Features
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Yahoo has introduced new search features with an emphasis on helping users access  entertainment and news content in a more streamlined fashion.

Yahoo has added slideshows above search results for topics on its Trending Now lists, an app for Netflix members to add DVDs to their queue directly from the search results page and shortcuts for entertainment related topics that include images, articles, videos, tweets, event listings and ratings.

Flickr Introduces Browser-Based Uploads On Android

Users of Yahoo’s popular photo-sharing site can now more easily interact with it through Google’s mobile operating system.  Today, Flickr made it possible for Android device owners to bypass the old upload-by-email approach to transmitting pictures.

A Yahoo spokesperson explained in an email to WebProNews, "Flickr has introduced new browser-based photo uploads on Android 2.2 today to enable more seamless uploading from your mobile device to the Flickr site."

Flickr Photo Pages Get a Change in Design

Update: After several weeks of pubic preview, the new photo pages are now being rolled out to everyone.

Original Article: Flickr has launched a new photo page. Some elements of the page have been enlarged, or "embiggened" as Flickr puts it. Photos are now displayed in a bigger 640 pixel width and the photo page itself is wider.

British Royal Family Launches Flickr Account

The British Royal Family has launched a photo account on Flickr.

The British Monarchy Flickr accounts features up to date images of royal engagements and archive photographs from the Royal Photograph Collection.

Flickr Updates iPhone App to Utilize iOS 4 Capabilities, Adds Twitter Sharing

Flickr has released an updated version of its iPhone app, specifically targeting new features of the iPhone 4 like multi-tasking and support for HD-video uploads.

Oakland PD Using Flickr Photos To Identify Looters

I saw an article on the the San Francisco Chronicle web site today entitled “Oakland Police Looking for Looting Suspects.” The article reports on the Oakland Police Department’s latest efforts to prosecute looters who participated in last week’s Johannes Merserle protest that turned violent with rioting and looting taking place after dark. Oakland PD has now released a number of photos of alleged looters from that evening’s protest.

Yahoo Takes Control Of Flicker.com

Typo-prone photographers appear to owe Yahoo a "thank you."  After making at least one generous offer and then resorting to a lawsuit, the company’s acquired Flicker.com, presumably for the sake of saving people who misspell "Flickr" from visiting the wrong site.