The iPhone 4S Camera Is Beginning To Take Over Flickr

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Popular photo sharing site Flickr is a community of all kinds of photogs. Browsing the site, you're likely to see photographs taken will all kinds of devices - smartphones, point-and-shoot, and DSLR.

The most popular camera on the site is the iPhone 4, and has been for some time. Of course, this is mostly out of convenience - so many people are walking around with their Apple smartphones on them at all times. Of course a popular smartphone with a decent camera is going to be incredibly well-represented on a photo sharing site.

But the brand new iPhone 4S is making a surge on Flickr. It is now the second-most popular camera phone in use on the site.

As you can see, the iPhone 4 still holds a dominating lead over the 4S. Yesterday, 72,656 photos taken with the 4 were uploaded to the site. Compare that with the 4S, which only saw 21,899 uploads. But while you can see the the iPhone 4 has peaked and is on a slow decline, iPhone 4S usage has exploded since its launch in October.

This shouldn't be too surprising. Flickr is heavily populated with iPhone camera users. And the iPhone 4S has been a great seller (over 4 million its first weekend), due in large part to its 8 megapixel camera that's been getting rave reviews. As far as smartphone cameras go, it's up there at the top.

It has a ways to go, but it probably won't be too long before the iPhone 4S becomes the most widely used smartphone camera on Flickr. And with Apple's track record of holding top overall spot on Flickr, the iPhone 4S could become the most widely used camera of any type on Flickr.

That, of course, assumes that the iPhone 5 of the future doesn't come along too soon and relegate the 4S camera to a distant thing of the past.

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