Flickr Releases Apps For Windows 7

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Yahoo has introduced its Flickr app for Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7 devices.

The Flickr Windows Phone 7 app is available in the Zune Marketplace and the Windows 7 tablet app can be downloaded from the Flickr website.




Key features of the Flickr app include:

*Swipe through panoramic blades to see recent activity, including uploads from contacts.

*Optimized for hi-resolution display. Tap on a photo to bring up a full-screen lightbox view and zoom in to enlarge and get close up on details in a photo.

*“Context View”, a new way to get the full story behind a photo and discover new and relevant content. Zoom out from a photo in lightbox view and get more information such as other photos in the set, group, from a contact or nearby on a map.

*Geo-location capabilities display photos on an interactive, full-screen map.