Flickr Introduces Browser-Based Uploads On Android

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Users of Yahoo's popular photo-sharing site can now more easily interact with it through Google's mobile operating system.  Today, Flickr made it possible for Android device owners to bypass the old upload-by-email approach to transmitting pictures.

A Yahoo spokesperson explained in an email to WebProNews, "Flickr has introduced new browser-based photo uploads on Android 2.2 today to enable more seamless uploading from your mobile device to the Flickr site."

You can see a screenshot of how this works below.  Or, if you'd like a longer walkthrough, Markus Spiering, a senior product manager, provided one on the Flickr Blog.

"If we see that you're coming from an Android 2.2 device, we'll give you an upload link right on the Flickr homepage," Spiering wrote,  "This takes you to our mobile upload page where you will now see the option to simply 'Choose a file.'  Selecting this button gives you access to your photo gallery, where you can conveniently select the photo you like to upload and then send it to Flickr via the 'Upload' button."

It's hard to imagine a process getting much simpler.

Don't be surprised if Android users start snapping a lot more pictures as a result, and Flickr should find people spending a fair amount more time on it, too.