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New Fire Emblem: Awakening Trailer Details Character Progression

All RPGs feature character progression to an extent. Modern RPGs have been streamlining progression, however, as more and more players don’t want to deal with the number crunching and item management involved. One stalwart against this trend of simplification is the strategy RPG. That trend will continue with Nintendo’s latest offering on the 3DS – Fire Emblem: Awakening. Nintendo released …

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Check Out Fire Emblem: Awakening’s TV Spot

JRPGs aren’t exactly as popular as they once were in the United States. The genre hits its peak during the PlayStation days with the likes of Final Fantasy VII through IX and other SquareSoft produced games. Since then, the genre has been on a decline thanks to a reduction in marketing put behind each title that manages to make it …

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These Are All The 3DS And Wii U Games Coming Out In The Next Two Months

This morning, we brought you the unfortunate news that a number of titles for the Wii U have slipped into the Spring. It was a little unfortunate, but there’s still plenty of great titles coming your way. The 3DS, however, is getting a lot of great content. Nintendo announced its game release schedule for the next two months today, and …

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