Check Out Fire Emblem: Awakening's TV Spot

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JRPGs aren't exactly as popular as they once were in the United States. The genre hits its peak during the PlayStation days with the likes of Final Fantasy VII through IX and other SquareSoft produced games. Since then, the genre has been on a decline thanks to a reduction in marketing put behind each title that manages to make it over. Surprisingly, Nintendo is bucking that trend.

In what may be a first for the series in the United States, Nintendo will be advertising the latest Fire Emblem - Awakening - on television starting this week. The game is the first entry in the long time strategy RPG series to hit the 3DS, and is probably many Nintendo fans' most anticipated game of the year.

Check out Nintendo's televised marketing muscle below:

As far as advertising goes, it's by far one of the best that Nintendo has recently produced. The company shakes off its kiddy, and is actively appeals to the gamer that looks to franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Mass Effect for their RPG fixes.

Will it be effective? It's hard to say, but Fire Emblem has been a pretty solid performer since it first showed up in the U.S. on the Gameboy Advance. It has an extremely loyal fanbase that will be out getting the title day one. It might even draw in some new players who have no interest in the strategy RPG genre.

Fire Emblem: Awakening will be available on February 4 for the Nintendo 3DS. It will retail for $39.99.

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