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California In A Drought – Who Knew?

According to records maintained by the Enterprise-Record, California is in the middle of a drought. Few people are aware of how bad the drought really is and officials say that the real threat could be in the near future. Nine of California’s 12 major reservoirs are below 50 percent capacity and in some areas like Chico, as little as 3.45 …

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Climate Data Can Predict Crop Failure, Shows Study

Farming can often be a volatile business, but NASA researchers this week published a new study showing that climate data could help predict crop failures months in advance. The study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, linked temperature and soil moisture for a large segment of global rice and wheat crops. A computer simulation was then able to predict …

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Three Bodies Found On Farm Spark Homicide Investigation

Three bodies found on a farm have sparked a massive homicide investigation in Kansas. Now police are trying to match the bodies to a missing persons report from last week. The bodies – two adult men and one woman – were found on a farm west of Ottawa. Two people – Kortni McGill and Corey Schlotzhauer – originally checked out …

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