Three Bodies Found On Farm Spark Homicide Investigation

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Three bodies found on a farm have sparked a massive homicide investigation in Kansas. Now police are trying to match the bodies to a missing persons report from last week.

The bodies - two adult men and one woman - were found on a farm west of Ottawa. Two people - Kortni McGill and Corey Schlotzhauer - originally checked out the property after they had lost contact with a friend. They found a foul odor emanating from the property at the time, and called the police to investigate. An initial sweep of the area found nothing, but McGill found one of the bodies under a tarp the next day.

Besides the three bodies, investigators also found a burn barrel with baby items and clothing. Some think that the discovery may indicate that the woman found was a Kansas City mother that went missing with her 18-month-old baby last week. Tests are still ongoing, but it could explain the existence of the baby items if the tests come back positive.

The investigation has now pulled in over 40 detectives from across the state as they attempt to find answers to a very bizarre murder case.

[h/t: AP]

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