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Rock Climbing Is the Focus of January’s Facebook Story

Every month, Facebook Stories releases an inspiring story based on a new theme. For January, this theme is “goals.” Facebook first launched their new and improved Stories initiative back in August of 2012. Facebook says it’s a way to showcase the extraordinary ways that people are using their product every day. It’s also a promotional tool for Facebook, of course. …

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Guy Uses Facebook to Help Kids in the Philippines Get to School in Latest Facebook Stories Installment

The Facebook Stories initiative keeping chugging along, and the network has just released their latest video. This one fits into the month of December’s theme, “perceptions,” and features the story of Jay Jaboneta and how he used Facebook to affect a small community in the Philippines. Facebook launched their current Stories initiative back in August as a way to “celebrate …

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Facebook Helps High School Soccer Player Turn His Season Around

Another month, another installment of Facebook Stories, Facebook’s recently-launched initiative to highlight the ways in which their platform helps normal people in extraordinary ways. This month, the theme is “Virality.” And the story involves Daniel Cui, a high school soccer player who had a rough start to the season with a series of blown saves. The goalkeeper became the butt …

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Facebook Helps Ichthyologist Crowdsource His Research

Facebook has just released the second installment of their “Facebook Stories” initiative, and this one involves an ichthyologist and how he got by with a little help from his Facebook friends (many of whom are also ichthyologists). Tagging people in posts or photos is something that we all do every day. It’s really the only way to make sure that …

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Facebook Stories Launches to Show How People Use the Platform “in Extraordinary Ways”

Today, Facebook launched Facebook Stories, a new site that they say will “celebrate the extraordinary ways that people are using Facebook.” Facebook can be used for a lot more than arguing about politics, sharing baby photos, and checking in on your ex to see if they got fat – and Facebook wants to highlight some of the more poignant, possibly …

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