Facebook Stories Launches to Show How People Use the Platform "in Extraordinary Ways"

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Today, Facebook launched Facebook Stories, a new site that they say will "celebrate the extraordinary ways that people are using Facebook."

Facebook can be used for a lot more than arguing about politics, sharing baby photos, and checking in on your ex to see if they got fat - and Facebook wants to highlight some of the more poignant, possibly life-changing ways in which people have used the Facebook platform.

Their first entry into Facebook Stories is based on the theme of "Remembering," and features the story of a New Delhi man who lost his memory due to a battle with meningitis, and how Facebook helped him reclaim much of what was lost.

Check it out below:

According to Facebook, there will be new theme every month, and the "stories" centered around that theme will come in the form of videos, articles, illustrations, and playlists. You can access the Facebook stories page here.

If Facebook Stories sound familiar, it's probably because Twitter unveiled "Twitter Stories," a highly similar product back in November of 2011. To be fair, Facebook has been operating a lesser-known version of this product since Summer of 2010.

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