Guy Uses Facebook to Help Kids in the Philippines Get to School in Latest Facebook Stories Installment

Josh WolfordSocial Media

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The Facebook Stories initiative keeping chugging along, and the network has just released their latest video. This one fits into the month of December's theme, "perceptions," and features the story of Jay Jaboneta and how he used Facebook to affect a small community in the Philippines.

Facebook launched their current Stories initiative back in August as a way to "celebrate the extraordinary ways that people are using Facebook." Sure, it's a company promoting their own product as a force for progress in world - but the result is usually a pretty compelling story of social good.

This time, one guy's desire to help kids get to school easier starts a campaign of giving. Check it out:

So shut up, cynics. Facebook can be used for something other than figuring out if your ex got fat. You can check out previous episodes of Facebook Stories here.

Josh Wolford
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