Facebook Helps High School Soccer Player Turn His Season Around

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Another month, another installment of Facebook Stories, Facebook's recently-launched initiative to highlight the ways in which their platform helps normal people in extraordinary ways. This month, the theme is "Virality."

And the story involves Daniel Cui, a high school soccer player who had a rough start to the season with a series of blown saves. The goalkeeper became the butt of jokes on the network, but eventually was propelled to victory by a coordinated effort on Facebook by his teammates and others at his school.

Check it out below:

Every month, Facebook Stories has a new theme. In August, the theme was "Remembering" and the main story tracked a man who pieced his life back together after an brain illness made him forget everything in his life. Last month, we saw the story of an ichthyologist who used Facebook to crowdsource the identification of thousands of different species of fish.

As part of Facebook's "virality" theme this month, they are hosting a Facebook Live session with Carly Rae Jespen to discuss how things go viral. That will take place on October 6th at 1 pm ET.

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