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Facebook Brand Timeline Deadline Approaches: Are You Being Rushed? Facebook Brand Timeline Deadline Approaches: Are You Being Rushed?
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Brands have had a month to prepare their Facebook Timelines, but on Friday, their Facebook Pages will be switched to the new Timeline format whether they like it or not. You will no longer have a choice, so I hope …

Facebook Offers: Facebook’s Advice For Successful Ones Facebook Offers: Facebook’s Advice For Successful Ones
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At a marketing event this past week, Facebook talked about a new “Offers” offering for brands. Offers let businesses and organizations share discounts with customers by posting offers to their Facebook Pages. Facebook describes them as coupons you don’t have …

Facebook Announces Page Insights Tool, New Metric & Ad Unit Facebook Announces Page Insights Tool, New Metric & Ad Unit

Facebook announced a new Page Insights tool, a new public metric for “People Talking About This” on all Pages, and a new expanded premium ad unit. “Facebook has unveiled a new Page Insights tool so that all Pages – small …

New Facebook Tools to Help Your Page Grow New Facebook Tools to Help Your Page Grow
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If you haven’t noticed, Facebook has been making a whole lot of changes lately. Many of them – and certainly the most talked about ones – have been based on the main news feed experience. However, there have been some …

Facebook Issues That Could Cause Problems For Your Business Facebook Issues That Could Cause Problems For Your Business
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While Facebook may provide a great way to interact with fans and market your business, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Several issues have been discussed recently that business should take very seriously. What is the biggest problem you see …

Small Business Facebook Pages Lacking Local Fans? Small Business Facebook Pages Lacking Local Fans?

A study from Roost finds that only 15% of fans on the average small business Facebook Page are actually local to the town where that business is located. If that’s accurate, that’s not great for brick and mortars. It does …

Top 50 Branded Facebook Fan Pages, July 2011 Top 50 Branded Facebook Fan Pages, July 2011

Just shy of hitting the 50 million fans mark, Facebook’s own fan page still dominates the top 50 branded Facebook fan pages. While the top 20 is nearly identical to May (the exception being Xbox taking over the #20 spot …

Facebook Traffic Vs. Website Traffic Facebook Traffic Vs. Website Traffic
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It’s clear that many sites are using Facebook for marketing purposes. The social network has given businesses many new ways to communicate, brand, engage, and more. In fact, recognized search expert Bruce Clay called the popular Facebook “Like” metric the new link.

Facebook Places and Check-In Deals Come to Pages Facebook Places and Check-In Deals Come to Pages
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Facebook is making changes that make it easier for businesses to manage their Facebook presence and get customers to engage. InsideFacebook reports that Facebook has confirmed with them that it has started bringing Facebook Places functionality (including Check-In Deals) to …

Facebook Pages Being Taken Down, Policy Comes Into Question Facebook Pages Being Taken Down, Policy Comes Into Question
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Numerous reports have been coming out that Facebook is taking down Facebook pages that are accused of infringing upon copyrights. The keyword there is “accused”. Apparently, Facebook does little (or nothing) to verify the legitimacy of the claims before taking …

EdgeRank and Facebook News Feed Optimization EdgeRank and Facebook News Feed Optimization
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There’s an interesting report out today from Buddy Media, a company that’s built a business out of creating Facebook tools for businesses, and counts major brands like Target, Johnson & Johnson, and ABC (to name a few) among its clients. …

Getting Creative With The New Facebook Page Image Ribbon
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Since last week’s sweeping changes to Facebook Pages people have been scrambling to unearth all the little tricks that the new format affords.

One of the bigger changes from a look a feel standpoint involves the placement of five recently updated images along the top of the Wall page. The images are now one of the most prominent features of the page and marketers are analyzing ways to take advantage of this new placement. (Personal profiles have had this look for a while now.)

 A couple factors come into play when considering a marketing use of this real estate.

A Closer Look at Facebook Pages Changes
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Maybe you remember a couple of months ago when Facebook accidentally rolled out some changes to fan pages, giving all of us a sneak peek of what was to come. Well, now those changes are actually here.

Facebook Pages Get Profile-Like Redesign Treatment

Facebook announced some new changes to Facebook Pages today that effectively make the Page design more like the recently re-designed profiles. 

For one, you can now navigate and interact with other areas of Facebook. "This means you can choose to receive notifications about fan activity, Like and comment on other Pages as your Page, and get your own News Feed where you can engage with the latest and most important news from other Pages you like," the company explains

Now You Can Monetize Your Facebook Fans By Promoting Their Likes
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Facebook has a new ad product that may be its most promising ad unit yet – the sponsored story. These ads are simply brand-related stories that users have already shared, but then paid for by the brand mentioned to appear in the ad space, as to attract more attention and engagement. 

Will you be promoting your fans’ engagement with your brand? Let us know.

Steps For Creating Custom Facebook Page Content
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A few months ago Facebook officially did away with the idea of adding “boxes” of custom content to Facebook pages and instead forced users into adding “applications” as the primary way to add custom layouts, tabs and content.

While this change is old news and has been covered widely, Facebook continues to tinker with the interface and so I’ve been getting lots of questions again about the steps involved in adding custom content and thought I would do a quick tutorial.

Facebook Improves Analytics, Should Help Businesses Monetize
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At this point, most businesses have probably come to the realization that they are missing out on some serious opportunities if they do not have a Facebook presence.

Google Makes Facebook Pages a Higher Priority for Businesses
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Google announced via Twitter this week, that public status updates from Facebook are now included in the search engine’s real-time search feature. That means the largest social network in the world is getting play in Google’s real-time search alongside Twitter, MySpace, and others, and these real-time results are often featured prominently on the first page of search results for the hottest queries.

Running a Promotion on Your Facebook Page May Cost You $10K
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A Facebook Page can be a great way to build your fan-base, inspire engagement with customers/readers, and generally build upon your brand. However, if you want to do a promo on one, that’ll cost you.

Is it Becoming Less Critical For Businesses to Have Websites?
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I don’t think there’s any question that you need a web presence to survive in today’s business climate. But do you still need a traditional website, or has the web moved on in that regard?

Do you still need a website to be successful online? Share your thoughts.

Reasons to Have a Facebook Page and Ways to Make it Better
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I don’t have to tell you that Facebook can be a tremendous source of web traffic. There’s a good chance that most of the people you know are on it, and the ones who aren’t may be eventually. The social network is consuming more and more of people’s time, and thanks to mobile devices, it is always accessible. If you don’t have a Facebook Page, you may be missing out on not only traffic to your site, but a chance to engage with customers and ultimately help your brand’s reputation.