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F-35 Program: Stolen Secrets and Lockheed’s “Exaggeration”

An employee of one of Lockheed’s suppliers was arrested en route to Iran last week on suspicion of attempting to smuggle secret F-35 Joint Strike Fighter documents there. Back in November, the investigation initiated when customs officials and homeland security agents said they intercepted a shipment Mozaffar Khazaee was sending to Hamadan, Iran. The 59 year old engineer was said …

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Obama offers To Forward Resume` of Out-of-Work Engineer

5:30 Monday evening saw the first Google+ hangout for the President. Many people had several inquiries for the leader of the free world. Fort Worth, Texas resident Jennifer Weddel was one of the participants int the live video conference. She told the President that her husband had been laid off for over 2 years and has not been able to …

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Paul Baran – Internet Pioneer Dies at 84 Years Old

You might know of the famous Tim Berners-Lee, or even Al Gore, but most of you reading this have never heard of a man named Paul Baran. Which is a shame, cause he’s an engineer who created much of the technology which would eventually lead to the culmination of the internet. Baran earned his master’s degree in Engineering from UCLA …

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