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Amazon Lets Invited Consumers Order Echo

Amazon has begun sending out invitations for its new Echo smart device. The company unveiled the device on November 6th, and let interested consumers request invites. ZDNet’s James Kendrick writes that he received his invitation today, and shares a screenshot of the email, which says: Dear Amazon Customer, We’re excited to offer you an invitation to purchase Amazon Echo. We …

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Amazon’s Echo Device Quickly Parodied

On Thursday, Amazon unveiled Echo, its new $200 cylindrical device that listens to you and tells you stuff. Okay, it does more than that, but that seems to be the gist of what most people are taking out of it. As you might expect, someone has already put out a video parody based on the promo Amazon released. Honestly it’s …

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Amazon Introduces Echo, A $200 Device That Serves As An Assistant And…Companion?

Amazon just unveiled a new device called Echo, a plug-in, voice-controlled hardware device that talks to you, and gives information, music, news, weather, etc. Apparently it even tells jokes. Soon, you’ll never need people again. The video below, which shows the device in action, probably sums up what we’re dealing with here better than I can. It gives you weather …

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