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Earth Hour: Throwing Shade At Poor Or Good Cause?

The lights went out over many of the globe’s major landmarks last night. From the Great Wall of China and pyramids of Egypt to the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, there was worldwide participation in the name of the annual …

Earth Hour Miranda Kerr Myspace Hijacking Earth Hour Miranda Kerr Myspace Hijacking
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It’s no secret that Myspace has lost the Internet status it once had, particularly as Facebook has risen to social network dominance. TechCrunch reported this week that Myspace’s decline is even accelerating with worldwide unique visitors decreasing by 14.4% from …

Earth Hour Gets iPhone App

Earth Hour is fast approaching, and in a little over four days millions of people will flip off the lights to show solidarity in the cause of protecting Mother Earth.  The simple act may reflect an effort to use less …

Google Observes Earth Hour, Gets Energy Issue Backward
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Google could have promoted energy conservation by lighting up gigantic "save electricity" billboards.  Instead, in at least one country, the search giant has taken the equally unproductive path of turning its homepage black.