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Pinterest Could Have Trouble From Getty Images Pinterest Could Have Trouble From Getty Images

TechCrunch reports that Jonathan Klein of Getty Images doesn’t have a problem with people using the photos that his company distributes, even if they’re not paying for them. Until… that company starts making money. Klein was at SXSW this year …

Pinterest’s DMCA Notices Can Be Handled By Amazon Pinterest’s DMCA Notices Can Be Handled By Amazon
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For the past couple of months, questions concerning

Pinterest’s Copyright Policy Needs Revising Pinterest’s Copyright Policy Needs Revising

Attorney Connie J. Mableson, whose website dmcahandbook.com contains information about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other intellectual property issues, has some observations about Pinterest and the copyright questions surrounding it of late. Ms. Mabelson has represented internet and E-commerce …

EFF Petitions Copyright Office To Keep Jailbreaking Legal EFF Petitions Copyright Office To Keep Jailbreaking Legal

In 2010 the U.S. Copyright Office sided with users and developers when it issued a declaration exempting jailbreaking/rooting from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The exemption meant that the jailbreak community could come out into the open without fear of …

Google Gives Update on How It’s Combating Piracy Google Gives Update on How It’s Combating Piracy
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Last winter, Google discussed its efforts to improve how copyright works online. They outlined four changes that they’d be implementing, including: 1. Acting on reliable copyright takedown requests within 24 hours 2. Preventing terms that are closely associated with piracy …

YouTube Rejects McCain Campaign Request
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Earlier this week, general counsel for the McCain campaign petitioned YouTube to give special treatment to political ads scrubbed from the site because of DMCA take down notices. General counsel for YouTube roundly rejected that request.

Google, Viacom Draw Lines In YouTube Suit
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Google needs to fight off Viacom or get the suit dropped if they hope to withstand other potential lawsuits against the YouTube video sharing service over copyright infringement.

SeeqPod Finds Warner Lawsuit
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The Electronic Frontier Foundation called the Warner Music Group lawsuit against SeeqPod “an attack by the entertainment industry on the DMCA safe harbors that protect hosting services and search engines.”

Google Zaps Cruise Scientology Video

Tom Cruise’s appearance and speech at a Church of Scientology event in 2004 has circulated on the Internet, but the version hosted on Google’s YouTube service has been taken offline.

Careful, That C&D Letter Might Be Copyrighted
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Here’s a case that’ll likely leave you with an icky feeling. A lawyer for a large company in Idaho copyrighted a cease-and-desist letter, and when an anonymous blogger posted the letter on his blog, the company subpoenaed the blog hosting company for the blogger’s identity in order to pursue copyright infringement claims.

YouTube Honors DMCA Requests

Wired’s Science blog talks about how Rational Response Squad, an anti-creationist group, had its YouTube videos taken down after DMCA requests by a counter group.

Viacom Once Abusing DMCA Again?

It appears Viacom hasn’t learned its lesson after its last abuse of the DMCA takedown notice. It’s now targeting a YouTube video that includes a clip of a VH1 show, which includes the unauthorized use of video created by the person who uploaded the YouTube clip.

Confused? This should help:

Here’s Your 15 Minutes And Your DMCA Notice
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It didn’t take long for user-generated content to translate to user-generated profit. But as the giants have their weird litigious and incestuous thing going on both in the courtroom and in the boardroom, YouTube users aren’t just getting the shaft, they’re getting mud kicked in their faces.

Google Disappears Facebook Code Blog

When Google-owned Blogger sends you a Digital Millennium Copyright Act take-down notice, at least they’re polite about it and liberally use the word "alleged." But they only ask once, as the person who posted Facebook’s source code on his Blogspot blog learned.

Veoh Squares Off With Universal

Internet Television company Veoh is suing Universal Music Group in federal court to reinforce its rights as a copyright complaint company under the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Dancing Baby Takes Universal To Court
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If some copyright holders had their way, you couldn’t listen to a CD in your car with the windows down. Somebody might hear it without paying for it. The latest Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) lawsuit against Universal Music hopes to prevent similar abuses on the Internet.

YouTube Responds To Premier League Allegations
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Google and YouTube don’t usually comment on lawsuits; instead, we’re left to look over various court documents.  These are still helpful, however, and they’ve recently provided an update on the case between YouTube and the Football Association Premier League.  To sum up: YouTube pleaded innocent.

Judge Denies Both Sides In Tur v. YouTube

Neither side in the lesser-known and first YouTube lawsuit won a motion for summary judgment in court last week. Both sides presented their arguments for dismissing the other’s claims, and both were turned down by the judge, meaning Tur v. YouTube will move into the discovery phase.

YouTube Caught In Malkin, EFF, UMG Crossfire

YouTube is becoming the unwitting arbiter of copyright disputes, and in the process finds itself between a rock industry and a hard face…wow, that was really bad wasn’t?…Conservative blogger and columnist Michelle Malkin is crying foul after a music industry DMCA notice quieted her criticism of Hip Hop artist Akon.

Digg & DMCA Take downs

Digg over the last couple of days has found itself the center of controversy by complying with a DMCA sponsored take down notice and the posting of the AACS hex format key string (which we won’t post here as no one really wants a takedown notice).

YouTube,Viacom Case May Not See Courtroom

The legal battle between YouTube and Viacom comes down to one central issue. Does the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) apply to YouTube or are they guilty of copyright infringement as Viacom alleges?

The DMCA does protect Internet companies from copyright infringement if rights holders request that a company removes copyrighted material. This is something that YouTube has complied with in the past. YouTube believes that since they do comply with take down request that Viacom’s suit against them will not hold up in court.