Pinterest's DMCA Notices Can Be Handled By Amazon

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For the past couple of months, questions concerning Pinterest Copyright Policy vs Pinterest Terms" target="_blank">copyright issues have haunted Pinterest. Now, it turns out that Amazon will have a dog in that fight. Pinterest hosts its website on Amazon's servers, thus bringing the issues to the online retail giant's doorstep.

A photographers group discovered that Pinterest was hosted by Amazon and proceeded to contact the company about DMCA notices concerning infringement by Pinterest members. Amazon has accepted that they will process those notices. However, in communications between the two groups Amazon had stated that they preferred that such notices be delivered stright to Pinterest, but that they could be submitted to Amazon via the usual email address for copyright violation issues.

"We do monitor our customers with respect to DMCA compliance and will take whatever action we feel is appropriate if we believe a customer is not in compliance with the DMCA."

"Please note, it is best to submit these notices to us at Please include all pertinent information in the body of your e-mail. We do not require that a physical or electronic signature be attached if you submit your notice electronically."

Perhaps groups feel that they will have more success in pursuing copyright violation remedies with a company as big as Amazon rather than the still-young-though-popular Pinterest.

Like Opus of Bloom County once said, "The first rule of litigation. Never, ever sue someone who has no money."

Mike Tuttle
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