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Delicious Gets Sold Once Again, This Time To Science

Delicious has had an interesting journey throughout its eleven years. The social bookmarking service was founded in 2003 by Joshua Schachter, and acquired by Yahoo two years later. Yahoo sold it to AVOS systems (a company founded by YouTube founders YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen) in 2011, which saw the launch of a whole new version of Delicious. …

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That ‘New’ Delicious Has Some New Features

Delicious announced that it has added some new features after remaining quite for a while. For one, you can now log in with Facebook or Twitter. “Login with a single click and immediately start adding links,” Delicious says in a blog post. “But that’s not the only benefit of connecting your social accounts. We can also automatically pull in links …

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Delicious Has A New iPhone App

Delicious announced that it has a new iPhone app available in the App Store. A little over a month ago, the site got a new design (again). It’s still in demo mode, but it is the basis for the new app, so perhaps they can get some users used to it on the app before changing it up for all …

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Delicious Has Another New Design, And It Doesn’t Look Like Pinterest

Delicious just unveiled a preview of “the brand new Delicious”. It seems like just a year ago that we were seeing a brand new Delicious. I guess that didn’t pan out very well. I’m just glad they don’t have all those dots in their name anymore. You can check out the new site at demo.delicious.com. At least it doesn’t look …

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Delicious Adds Twitter Sharing

Delicious, or the artist formerly known as del.icio.us, announced today that they are integrating Twitter into their services. The move announced today on the Delicious blog will give users the option of connecting their Delicious and Twitter accounts together. This will allow users to save any links they tweet, retweet or favorite on Twitter to be added to their Delicious …

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Delicious: Forget The Browser Extensions. Use The Bookmarklet.

It wasn’t that long ago that Delicious’ tombstone was all but chiseled. Then Avos (from the founders of YouTube) stepped in to save the day. This was generally applauded by users, when the announcement came last April. But then in September when the site relaunched with its “stacks” concept, the applause died down. Hard core users were not happy with …

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