That ‘New’ Delicious Has Some New Features

That ‘New’ Delicious Has Some New Features

By Chris Crum March 29, 2013

Delicious announced that it has added some new features after remaining quite for a while. For one, you can now log in with Facebook or Twitter. “Login with a single click and immediately start adding links,” Delicious says in a …

Delicious Acquires Trunk.ly Delicious Acquires Trunk.ly

The new Delicious was launched back in September, and while some of us liked the direction the site was taking, I think it’s safe to say that the redesign was not a big hit with the majority of the site’s …

Google Panda Update: A Delicious Set of Resources Google Panda Update: A Delicious Set of Resources

A lot of Delicious users aren’t digging the new version of Delicious, but I kind of like it. Sue me. I’ve started a new “stack” for resources related to Google’s Panda Update, which webmasters can use to stay informed about …

New Delicious Not a Big Hit With Users of Old Delicious New Delicious Not a Big Hit With Users of Old Delicious

I wasn’t already using Delicious before they unveiled the redesign this week, so I’m not missing anything that was there before. That said, I’ve known about Delicious for years. I’ve checked it out from time to time, but just never …

Delicious is Back with Stacks Delicious is Back with Stacks

It wasn’t much more than a couple weeks ago when reports surfaced that Delicious would be relaunched sometime later this year. Now, Avos, the company from YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, which purchased Delicious from Yahoo earlier this …

Delicious Refresh Coming This Year Delicious Refresh Coming This Year
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Back in April, Yahoo announced that YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen had acquired social bookmarking site Delicious, and that they would keep the site up and running as part of their company Avos. Yahoo said at the time, …

Delicious Lives On Without Yahoo, Courtesy of YouTube Founders Delicious Lives On Without Yahoo, Courtesy of YouTube Founders

Yahoo announced today that YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have acquired Delicious, and that they will keep the site up and running. A statement on the Delicious blog says: As creators of the largest online video platform, they …

Yahoo-Delicious Sale Rumors Swirl (Again)
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One way or another, it’s sounding increasingly likely that Delicious will wind up with a new owner.  After a rumor suggested last week that Yahoo had sold the property for $5 million, a report’s now claimed that Yahoo is about …

Yahoo Sale Of Delicious For $5 Million Rumored

Four months ago, an internal Yahoo document leaked, letting the world know that Yahoo intended to “sunset” Delicious.  Now, there’s a sign Yahoo might have sold the organization for $5 million instead. To be perfectly clear: this has not been …

Resources to Help You Migrate Away From Delicious
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By now, you’ve probably heard the unfortunate news. Yahoo is sunsetting Delicious (and a few other platforms).

Folks are upset (or maybe disappointed is a better word). I’m one of them. I’ve come to rely on Delicious as my primary bookmarking system (not so much on the social side). And now I’m left looking for alternatives.

Leaked Document Outlines Impending Yahoo Shutdowns

Fans of AltaVista, Delicious, Fire Eagle, and Yahoo Buzz – along with many other Yahoo properties – may want to devise a backup plan.  A leaked corporate document indicates that a number of sites are due to be shut down, and more than a few others will in some way be merged.

Delicious Launches New Features, More on the Way

Delicious has introduced some new features. These come in the categories of bookmark display options, tag options, and bookmark browsing.

Delicious Shows Off New Sharing Features
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Earlier this week, Delicious launched a new redesign of its homepage and some new search features. Yesterday they showed off the details of the search features, which included time filters, a trends graph, tag filters, enhanced results, and suggestions.

Delicious Shows Off New Search Features
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This week Delicious launched a new redesign along with some new search features. They have now elaborated on what all is new when it comes to search.

Time Filters

New Delicious Search and Homepage Features
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Delicious has unveiled some new feature enhancements to the homepage, including a new system to aggregate and rank recently bookmarked links every minute. This feature can be found under the new and default Fresh tab.

Three New Yahoo Search BOSS Tools Introduced
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Yahoo Search BOSS just got a little more interesting.  Developers who want to build their own search services should now be able to play with three fresh tools related to personalized Delicious content, language filters, and news stories’ dates.

Yahoo Shuts Down One of Three Bookmarking Services
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Fans of Yahoo MyWeb might be disappointed to know that the service is shutting down. A trip to the site will welcome users with the following message:

We are streamlining our bookmark services. As part of this effort Yahoo! will be shutting down MyWeb on March 18, 2009 and moving users to Yahoo! Bookmarks. Your MyWeb bookmarks are already available to you on Yahoo! Bookmarks. You can begin using this new service now or continue using MyWeb until the shutdown date.