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Delicious, or the artist formerly known as, announced today that they are integrating Twitter into their services.

The move announced today on the Delicious blog will give users the option of connecting their Delicious and Twitter accounts together. This will allow users to save any links they tweet, retweet or favorite on Twitter to be added to their Delicious profile.

The features are described as such:

Every link you’ve shared via Twitter in the past (up to the last 3,200) will be imported into your Delicious account. (Delicious will ignore any duplicates)

You can choose a link-saving protocol for future tweets, including a) saving each link from Twitter going forward; b) saving just the links in tweets hashtagged with #d; c) saving every link except those hashtagged with #d.

You get to assign your own Delicious tag to every link coming from Twitter, and any hashtag included in your tweets (aside from #d) will be converted to unique tags on Delicious.

Multiple Twitter accounts can be set up, each with their own discreet settings and preferences. offered this functionality, but as we reported last year, they were acquired by Delicious. It would seem the acquisition led to this new Twitter partnership.

The features don’t just stop there though. The Delicious team will be adding a whole new slew of social networks to their integration list. This will “further streamline link-saving and sharing with your friends.”

The new Twitter features aren’t out just yet, but it is rolling out to all users over the next week. You can check if you have the new feature by going to your account settings page. If you see a tab that wasn’t there before, called “Sources,” then you have the new functionality.

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