Yahoo Sale Of Delicious For $5 Million Rumored

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Four months ago, an internal Yahoo document leaked, letting the world know that Yahoo intended to "sunset" Delicious.  Now, there's a sign Yahoo might have sold the organization for $5 million instead.

To be perfectly clear: this has not been confirmed through official channels.  There aren't even multiple anonymous sources behind the story.  But The Next Web stated this afternoon, "We've received a solid report from a reliable and proven source that Yahoo has sold social bookmarking site Delicious for $5m+."

That would represent a victory for Delicious fans who didn't want to see the site die.  Although many have already fled, the average user might prefer to return and/or stick with it rather than deal with something new.

A sale would also function as a semi-win for Yahoo, at least compared to just killing Delicious.  The PR would be worth a little, and $5 million is the equivalent of more than a few ads sold.

So we'll see what happens.  It's possible some investors believe the sale occurred, at least, since Yahoo's stock rose 2.11 percent today (the Dow and Nasdaq rose 0.50 and 0.54 percent, by comparison).

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