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Mobile Internet Doubling In Usage

Mobile web is such a great convenience, what with being able to easily and quickly access information, often faster than that of high-speed or broadband on most PC’s or laptops. According to StatCounter.com, mobile internet usage has sky-rocketed up to 8 1/2 percent this year; way up from only 4.3 percent last year comparatively. The graph below shows what it …

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The Facebook Timeline Is Coming, And It Scares A Lot Of People

The new Facebook Timeline is not the most popular feature that Facebook has ever introduced. Granted, it’s well documented that Facebook users are often super-resistant to change, but for some the new Timeline goes beyond minor annoyances like crowded layouts and superfluous features. For many users, it’s a real issue of privacy. For awhile now, users have been able to …

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Mexicans Well Overcharged Billions In Phone Web

Mexico is the second largest Latin American economy, but it seems the cost of phone and internet bills are holding it back. From the years of 2005-2009, consumers in mexico spent 13.4 billion dollars per year excess for phone and internet. Also it seems the highest fees impacted the poorer families. This overcharging ended up costing the country 129 billion …

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Megaupload Data Could Be Erased By Thursday

The Megaupload saga continues with the potential erasure of data on their servers. Data belonging to users of Megaupload could be deleted as soon as Thursday according to federal prosecutors. CBS is reporting that the company is defending itself by saying that their service was primarily used to store data like family photos and personal documents. Those users hoped they …

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Hawaii Could Force ISPs To Log All Browsing History, Indefinitely

In the current political climate, with all the buzz about SOPA & PIPA and now H.R.1981 & ACTA, Hawaii state representative John Mizuno has to be outside of his mind to introduce a comical piece of legislation like H.B. 2288. Take that back. In any climate, John Mizuno would have to be outside of his mind to introduce a bill …

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NASA’s U.S. Tree Map: Woody Biomass Density Never Looked So Cool

NASA is awesome for a variety of reasons, most prominently their role in everything space related. But NASA is also a great source of wonders of the more terrestrial persuasion, as is demonstrated in this new project about trees. Key takeaway: If you really love trees, just stay away from the middle of the United States. Although most of you …

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IBM Fits A Bit Into Twelve Atoms

Science can sometimes just blow my mind. This is one of those times. Researchers at IBM last week stored a bit, the smallest form of computer memory, into 12 atoms. They make the point of saying that this is significantly less than today’s hard drives that use about one million atoms to store a single bit of information. They say …

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Facebook Will Share Your Data – Including Private Messages – With Politico

Facebook announced last week that they will be mining your posts and messages for your thoughts on the GOP presidential candidates, and they will share that info with Politico. From that announcement: “Facebook will compile mentions of the candidates in U.S. users’ posts and comments as well as assess positive and negative sentiments expressed about them. Facebook’s data team will …

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Wolfram Proposes .data TLD

Stephen Wolfram, the scientist behind Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha, says he’s been involved with the worldwide data community in coordinating the creation of a .data top-level Internet domain, which would highlight the exposure of data across the Internet, “and providing added impetus for organizations to expose data in a way that can efficiently be found and accessed.” In a post …

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