Mobile Internet Doubling In Usage

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Mobile web is such a great convenience, what with being able to easily and quickly access information, often faster than that of high-speed or broadband on most PC's or laptops.

According to, mobile internet usage has sky-rocketed up to 8 1/2 percent this year; way up from only 4.3 percent last year comparatively. The graph below shows what it looks like compared to desktop use.

CEO of, Aodhan Cullen had this to say:

"While global internet usage through mobiles is still under 10%, the pace of growth is remarkable."

Cullen went on to say:

"Following repeated requests, we've decided to make our new mobile vendor stats publicly available. As the mobile space is constantly evolving, we keep our detection under constant review."

The website has been gathering and compiling data for some time now to present this information. Nokia is a front runner due to its popularity in India, they say. Globally speaking, Apple is in second place, but they remain on top in US and UK markets.

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