Study: IPhone Users Hog All the Data

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The Huffington Post is reporting a study that finds iPhone users comprise 80 percent of the top 10% of data users.

The report comes from consulting firm Analysys Mason, who revealed that among the smartphone users that fall in the 70th percentile for data use, three times as many of them are iPhones than HTC, which is the second biggest data consumer. So for top data users, iPhone beats out the next top competitor three to one.

The data was collected by tracking smartphone of over 1,000 users over a three month period. Users were taken from all over the world, including the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Spain and France. They were able to track the data using a monitoring app devised by research company Arbitron Mobile.

The reason for the excessive data use may be SIri. Studies have shown that iPhone 4S uses twice as much data as the iPhone 4, Siri being the primary source in these cases.

According to the Huffington Post, AT&T Cheif Executive Randall Stephen has stated that he regrets ever offering an unlimited data plan for the iPhone. This led to monthly data caps being introduced in March.

Other service providers have introduced similar cuts. Verizon no longer offers its $30-per-month unlimited data plan for upgrade. Prepay provider Cricket is capping its monthly data plan at 2.3GB. They will be offering the iPhone line next month.

Way to ruin everything, Apple.