Twitter Hands Over User's Data To Police

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Twitter cooperated with Boston police yesterday. The online social media giant handed over a subscriber's information regarding a Twitter account tied to the Occupy Boston protest. Back in December, a subpoena was sent to Twitter requesting information on several Twitter subscriber accounts and hashtags. A prosecutor from Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley's office explained the information was necessary for an official criminal investigation.

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During the past several months, the websites for the main police and Boston Police Patrolman's Association have been targeted by computer hackers. Boston law enforcement investigators have been looking into these hacking attempts on the Boston police and the union with great interest. Some of these attacks have been claimed to have been on behalf of protesters from Occupy Boston.

Twitter provided the subscriber information for @pOisAnOn, an account associated with the name, Guido Fawkes. According to Matt Graves, a spokesman for Twitter, "We provided information on a single user." He declined to comment when asked about Twitter's response to the court's order to hand over data and information linked to #BostonPD, #Oxcak3 and @OccupyBoston.

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A spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, Jake Wark, stated that prosecutors are satisfied with Twitter's response to the court order. "Twitter's recent communication with our office gave both parties a clear understanding of what information was relevant to our probe. We requested and received only that information," reported Mr. Wark.