Visualizing A Pizza Delivery Driver's Route in New York City

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One of the newer trends of the web concerns taking reams of data and adding some sort of visualization to it. We've seen it with Twitter use during the Japanese earthquakes and with 56 years worth of tornado data to name a couple of these visual transformations.

Thanks to a find over at Laughing Squid (Via The World's Best Ever and PBS' America Revealed), we now have an idea of what it looks like being a Domino's Pizza delivery driver in New York City on a Friday night, which is to say, busy as hell:

Not only is the driver's route visualized, so is the distribution route of the Domino's supply chain. The delivery driver visualization, which was created courtesy of data captured by GPS devices, begins around the :40 second mark, and it gives a good idea of just how busy an urban pizza delivery driver's life really is. Considering Domino's is a chain restaurant, it would be interesting to see this from the perspective of a local pizza chain, just to see how their business fares when compared to one of the established brands.

Considering New York City is a pizza town, it wouldn't be the least bit surprising to see a local shop outperform a competing Domino's that services the same neighborhood. Unfortunately, the visualization isn't the longest we've been privy to, PBS' brief visualization reveals plenty about the routines of a New York City pizza delivery driver.

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