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Greenpeace Protests Facebook’s Data Center
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Facebook’s won the support of a lot of people as it builds a data center in Prineville, Oregon; an official Facebook Page is full of positive comments from locals.  However, because the facility will primarily be powered by coal, Greenpeace – along with around 500,000 individuals – has sided against it.

Facebook To Double Size Of Custom Data Center
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When Facebook announced that it had reached the 500-million-user milestone, many people expressed a mixture of surprise and awe.  Now, it seems as if Facebook might have been caught off guard, too.  The company’s said it will double the size of its not-yet-complete data center in Prineville, Oregon.

Early this year, Facebook committed to building the custom data center (its first).  The center was supposed to be 147,000 square feet in size, and the first quarter of 2011 was set as the target for completion.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon Protest Data Center Standard
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Some of the world’s top tech companies are concerned that their ability to build cost-effective and energy-efficient data centers may be compromised.  Representatives from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and several other outfits have signed a letter protesting a standard established by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

Facebook Names Manager Of Custom Data Center
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Facebook moves fast.  On January 21st, the company broke ground on a custom data center in Prineville, Oregon.  Now, it’s named the facility’s manager, and proven with a handful of photos that construction is coming along quite nicely.

Yahoo Opens Data Center, Call Center In Nebraska
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Yahoo’s been busy in Nebraska.  This week, the company announced the opening of both a data center and a call center in the state, and apparently the celebration was a big deal, with Jerry Yang and several high(-ish) ranking politicians all showing up.

Google Again Linked To Australian Data Center Plans
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The rumor that Google might build a data center in Australia has been circulating for some time; our first report on the subject was written in October of 2008.  Now, although construction crews haven’t exactly been mobilized, there’s at least been a sign that Google hasn’t given up on the idea.

Facebook Gets Into Customized Data Centers
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It’s always a big deal when a company like Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft begins to build another data center; the move proves that they’ve got a fair amount of cash on hand and are growing at an impressive rate.  More significant, though, may be the idea of a company first getting into the DIY data center business, and Facebook appears to have reached that juncture.

Enterprises Seeing Increased Complexity at Data Centers

Symantec has put together its "State of the Data Center" report, which is the product of a survey of 573 businesses in 26 countries.

Google Preparing For Future With 10 Million Servers

If McDonald’s ever goes out of business, perhaps Google can buy up its empty buildings and use them all as data centers.  A representative of the search giant recently stated that he’s working on a storage and computation system capable of accommodating 10 million servers.

If Google ever gets its hands on 10 million servers, that means it’ll have one for every person in New York City and Phoenix, Arizona.  Or if you want another point of comparison, we found out earlier this month that Facebook only has around 30,000 servers.

MySpace Tackles Data Center Costs

MySpace has taken a rather huge step towards reducing its data center costs: The company announced that it’s replaced old servers using mechanical disk drives with Fusion-io’s flash memory products, and the benefits are almost literally off the charts.

According to a statement, "The power and cooling costs of Fusion’s ioDrives are less than one percent that of the hard disk arrays, and rack space usage is reduced to zero, as ioDrives are embedded directly within even the smallest of servers." 

Twitter Tops MySpace In UK, Spurs Data Center Expansion
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Although the maximum length of tweets remains locked at 140 characters, Twitter itself is turning into something of a giant.  This morning, there’s news that the site managed to beat MySpace in terms of UK Internet visits, and it also seems to have caused a data center specialist to find new facilities.

Let’s hit the MySpace-related development first.  In truth, Twitter’s accomplishment here isn’t as impressive as it might sound; Twitter’s conquest is probably due more to MySpace’s fall than its own rise.

Microsoft Readying Two “Mega” Data Centers

With regards to data centers, it looks like Microsoft’s moving full speed ahead.  The company has announced that it will open not one, but two "mega" data centers in July, and some of the technical specs are rather astounding.

Yahoo Set To Pick Lockport, NY For New Data Center
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In a somewhat literal sense, Yahoo appears to be on the move again.  A fresh report indicates that the company’s very interested in building another data center, and Lockport, New York has been identified as one likely location. 

Google Opens Iowa Data Center
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Google’s new data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa, is all set to go.  A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held yesterday, and so the search giant has pretty well signaled that it’s ready to forge ahead (in at least this one way) despite the recession. 

Google Circles Back To CO2/Tea Issue

Four months ago, a report claimed that the act of performing two Google searches produced as much carbon dioxide as boiling a kettle of water.  Google wasted little time in disproving the idea.  Now, the search giant’s returned to the concept and tossed out even more comparisons to show how "green" it is.

Google Granted Patent For Next-Gen Data Centers
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The top three things Google seems to consider when building data centers are real estate costs, electricity costs, and, perhaps, privacy.  And the next generation of data centers may do extremely well in all of these respects, as Google’s been granted a patent for water-based data centers. 

Google May Put Aussie Data Center Plans On Hold

A little more than five months ago, we documented a rumor that Google would build a data center in Australia.  Now, although everything’s still up in the air, a new report indicates the search giant isn’t exactly tripping over itself to start construction or buy an existing facility. 

Google Breaks Data Center Silence
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Google’s never been too chatty about its data centers; the search giant is slow to even confirm the centers’ physical locations, never mind discuss what’s going on inside.  But at the Data Center Efficiency Summit, Google spilled a few secrets, and there’s definitely some impressive technology in place. 

Google Buys Paper Mill Property for Future Data Center
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Google is buying a paper mill site in Summa, Hamina, Finland, and replacing it with a data center. How’s that for symbolism?

Paper company StoraEnso signed an agreement to sell its buildings and most of the Summa Mill site to Google for about €40 million. They did agree that part of the site would be transferred to the City of Hamina for "other industrial uses."

Microsoft Delays Construction Of Iowa Data Center
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If you want to compare servers to Hallmark products, Microsoft is no longer the little old lady who buys a shopping cart full of Christmas cards on December 26th.  Instead, the company has decided to send cards to fewer people and save its money for 11 months.  Or, to drop the metaphor, you might just say that Microsoft’s delayed the construction of a data center.

LinkedIn Sets Up Shop in Chicago
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LinkedIn has opened a new data center in Chicago. A post at the LinkedIn Blog says:

LinkedIn has grown by leaps and bounds this past year and currently we are adding professionals to our site at the rate of one user per second.  The primary goal for the LinkedIn Operations organization is for our site and partner applications to be available 24/7.