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Facebook Gets Huge Oregon Tax Break

Facebook has had a huge day! Not only did they have their IPO, but they also dodged a huge bullet today when the Oregon Governor signed a bill today that assesses big data centers for taxes on their local value, not on intangible assets like their national brand. The biil known as the “Facebook Bill” will be signed into law …

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Google Data Centers Getting More Energy Efficient

Google put out a blog post today discussing efficiency improvements the company has been making with its data centers, along with the company’s general philosophy around said efficiency. “In the same way that you might examine your electricity bill and then tweak the thermostat, we constantly track our energy consumption and use that data to make improvements to our infrastructure. …

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How Far Does Your Google Search Query Travel?

How far does your Google search query travel? According to Google,1,500 miles on average. This is a factoid Google Fellow Ben Gomes dropped in an interview with ReadWriteWeb about the inner workings of Google Search. There wasn’t much in the way of new information revealed in the interview, but like Google’s own videos on the topic, it’s still interesting. “The …

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Interview: How New Startup Nicira Could Change the Future of Networking

Cloud computing is a topic that we’ve heard more and more about in recent years. The concept is truly incredible and has given businesses much more flexibility as well as a means for saving money.

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