LinkedIn Adds New Data Center


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Don't expect LinkedIn to introduce its own version of the fail whale (as Google recently did with a "whale fail" image) anytime soon.  This weekend, LinkedIn added a new data center, ensuring that the professional networking site will stay in working order.

Stefan Apitz, LinkedIn's senior director of operations, explained on the corporate blog that the new data center is "more robust," and "not only helps us handle the increasing traffic load on our servers, but to also provide more redundancy in case of an emergency."

Apitz then promised, "Moving forward, this lets us offer you an even more reliable service that millions of professionals are using every day to get their job done."

That makes for good news all around.  LinkedIn users aren't likely to object to the idea of 100 percent uptime, after all, and LinkedIn is sure to be pleased about the growth that made the new data center necessary.

Then one more point that's necessary to consider is the fact that LinkedIn could afford an additional data center, rather than try to scrounge for spare parts or just hope for the best.

The new data center is located in Los Angeles, by the way, whereas LinkedIn's other data center is located in Chicago.

UPDATE: While we can still access LinkedIn without issue, several commenters have been good enough to point out that the site now seems to be experiencing problems, and Twitter Search bears out their observations.  Thanks for the tips, everybody.